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Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Sunday May 20, 2007 - Special Report
LA Times Is Under-Reporting Suffering In Sderot

Glad to be back in full service after Yahoo's outrageous unexplained censorship of our website, Join the Boycott returns to you with the latest report on LA Times coverage of Israel. Perhaps fortuitously, the LA Times has been mostly low-key over the last month - but there have been some notable exceptions.

Most recently, the LA Times' anti-Israel agenda has been evident in its continued under-reporting of the aggressive war of terror the PLO is waging against Israel. see Israel Insider, JPost Coverage of the rain of Kassam rockets the terrorists are firing daily from Gaza has been far overshadowed by reporting of the internal PLO strife between Hamas and Fatah (see e.g. 5/19/07, "Israeli Airstrikes Kill 9 In Gaza", p. 9 - read TEXT). The LA Times also published an AP article that only addresses Israel's reaction to the rocket attacks, but not the suffering of Israeli citizens (5/20/07, "Palestinian Truce Begins To Take Hold Amid Israeli Airstrikes", p. 12 - read TEXT). This is a familiar propaganda technique designed to prevent an increase of sympathy for the suffering Israeli victims, and make Israel look like the aggressor. see Techniques

Among other notable offenses over the last month was the publishing of Azmi Bishara, an Israeli Member of Knesset, who is accused of passing information to Hezbollah. The LA Times gave him, as it does with other anti-Israel extremists, an open forum to attack Israel, dismiss his anti-Israel activities, and present himself as a 'human rights' issue (5/4/07, "Why Israel Is After Me", p. 23 - read TEXT). There is no right to betray one's country. see ADL Letter The LA Times did not present a response to Bishara.

The LA Times also continues to portray Israel as the party preventing progress toward peace, a reflex pro-PLO distortion of the truth, as the opening of this article shows (4/16/07, "Israel-Palestinian Talks Skirt Specifics", p. 3 - read TEXT):

"Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who has steadfastly resisted full-fledged peace talks with the Palestinians, held a wide-ranging discussion with their leader Sunday on relations between Israel and a future Palestinian state."

To the LA Times credit, they published an Editorial criticizing the PLO's misappropriation of Mickey Mouse with a clone which the PLO uses to indoctrinate children with hatred of Israel (5/10/07, "Hamas Hijacks Mickey" - read TEXT). While the sentiment expressed was welcome, the inconsistency with the near daily "militants" loving pro-PLO offerings of LA Times reporters, made this Editorial ring insincere. Perhaps its unusually critical, out-of-character, tone lay in a more personal motivation - the misuse of Hollywood property! But until and unless the LA Times adopts a consistently responsible pro-peace approach, addressing the problems of Arab rejectionism and demonizing the PLO terrorists, it will remain a media obstacle to peace.

The LA Times does not belong in the home of a true friend of Israel. Subscribers please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your paper and let us know at, and let all your friends know about Join the Boycott. Please direct letters of protest to and Thank you.

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Wednesday June 6, 2007 - Special Report
Anti-Israel Propaganda A Top Priority At The LA Times

The expected onslaught of hostile LA Times coverage of Israel has materialized during this, the week of the 40th Anniversary of the Six Day War. The coverage has focused intensely and almost exclusively on Jerusalem, for the sole purpose of promoting Arab ambitions against the Jewish capital. The constant negative anti-Israel message is their claim that Jerusalem is an "Arab" as well as a Jewish City; that the Arab population is oppressed by the selfish Jews; that the Arab population is growing fast and will soon overtake the Jewish population; that Jews are bitterly divided; that Haredi Jews are bad guys and are upsetting secular Jews who are moving out of Jerusalem in their "thousands". This is all LA Times propaganda, intended to manipulate public opinion against Israel, not inform it.

The paper published three successive days of lengthy front page and inside articles with large photo spreads, focused on Arab interests. On Sunday it was "A Holy City Still Divided" (6/3/07, front page, 10-12 - read TEXT); on Monday "Change Cast In Concrete" (6/4/07, front page, 8-9 - read TEXT); on Tuesday "Clashing Values Alter A City's Face" (6/5/07, front page, 10-11 - read TEXT) and a negative Op-Ed on "occupation" by Meir Shalev entitled "Israel's Lost 40 Years" (6/5/07, p. 21 - read TEXT). It is a lot of reading, but it illustrates how hostile the LA Times is towards Israel and Jews. It also shows that, despite the recent round of dire cut-backs, including the firing of 60 journalists, anti-Israel propaganda remains a top priority at the LA Times. see E&P1, E&P2

Jerusalem is the eternal Jewish capital, a welcoming place for tourists from around the world, a city of unparalleled spiritual magnitude, and one that has benefitted enormously from the re-establishment of millenial Jewish sovereignty over its entirety.

If you care about Jerusalem, Israel, and the Jewish people you will be repulsed by LA Times coverage. We call on subscribers to please call 1-800-252-9141 and cancel your paper and let us know at, and let all your friends know about Join the Boycott. Please direct letters of protest to and Thank you.

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Sunday July 8, 2007 - Special Report
Rooting For Hamas At The LA Times

Another anti-Israel diatribe from the extremist anti-Israel Saree Makdisi has been the most outrageous open advocacy for Hamas at the LA Times in recent weeks ("West Chooses Fatah - But Palestinians Don't" - 6/20/07, p. 21 - read TEXT). see also Watch March 11 '07 for more on Makdisi's extremism But coverage of Hamas during and after its takeover of Gaza generally has an advocacy edge to it. You can hear the LA Times rooting for them.

Friends of Israel are likely to regard the Hamas takeover with a good deal of disdain. In effect, it makes no difference to Israel whether Hamas or Fatah is in charge. see Arutz, JPostThis is an internal dispute among PLO terrorists. Abbas is no better "a partner for peace" with his duplicitous strategy than is Haniyeh with his outrightly hostile strategy. This is how the LA Times explains away Abbas the terrorist ("Fatah On Shaky Ground In West Bank" - 7/6/07, p. 21 - read TEXT):

"In Gaza, however, Hamas has ignored the government´s dismissal. And few here believe Abbas is strong enough to take the guns from militia groups, including the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, which is tied to Fatah but acts outside Abbas´ control." see Fatah

The question the LA Times never wants to ask is why the "Al Aqsa" gang is tied to Fatah if it is a terrorist group that "acts outside Abbas' control"? In reality, Abbas chooses not to act because it is in his interest not to act and he knows the Western media will cover for him. And as long as some misguided Friends of Israel continue to buy the LA Times, this kind of intellectually insulting journalism will continue on its near daily basis.

As such it was to be expected that the LA Times would make a handsome meal of Hamas' release this week of captive BBC journalist Alan Johnston - three days of coverage including two big photos, one of Johnston with Hamas people (7/5/07, p. 4), and one with a smiling Haniyeh (7/6/07, p. 3). Here's how the LA Times explains its generous coverage ("Reporter Freed In Gaza Recounts Dread - 7/5/07, p. 4 - read TEXT):

"For Hamas, which has vowed to bring order to the violence-plagued strip, Johnston´s release marked an opportunity to win credibility in the face of international efforts to isolate the movement in Gaza. " see Reporter

It is the Western media that is giving "credibility" to Hamas with its advocacy on the "militants" behalf.

"Boosting Hamas", as the LA Times puts it, is what buyers of the paper are doing with their dollars. Join the Boycott once and for all. Subscribers please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your paper and let us know at, and let all your friends know about Join the Boycott. Please direct letters of protest to Thank you.

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Wednesday July 25, 2007 - Special Report
Wiesenthal Center Plays Right Into The LA Times' Hands

The Wiesenthal Center (SWC) has committed another act of political folly by responding in the LA Times (7/22/07, "A Byline For Hamas", p. M7- read TEXT) to the paper's outrageous publishing of a Hamas Op-Ed (7/10/07, "Hamas' Stand", p. 15 - read TEXT). "Hamas' Stand" was effectively a promotion of the terrorists' ultimate extremist ambitions against Israel. The SWC response is a rebuke of the LA Times for including the Hamas Op-Ed. But simply by participating in a debate, the SWC has, at best, allowed the LA Times to position them as the opposite extreme to Hamas. At worst, they have legitimized the LA Times inclusion of Hamas' extremist and genocidal ambitions against Israel as within the scope of reasonable debate. The paper can now claim it presents "a balance". The LA Times has strived mightily to 'move the posts' to promote the most extreme Arab position and thanks to the SWC they have now succeeded in doing so.

This is not the first time the SWC has disappointed. They previously squandered valuable Community Tzedaka funds on an ad in the LA Times. see Wiesenthal Center Violates One must question the thinking of this Community organization, that outwardly pursues the noble cause of justice for victims of the Holocaust, while engaging in acts of such political naivety. The SWC is off limits to LA Times boycotters as a Tzedaka recipient because of their ad in the paper. Now, the entire Community should question the SWC - has it grown beyond its mandate and competence?

What The Wiesenthal Center Should Have Done

What the SWC should have done is condemn the LA Times and recommend its patrons join the LA Times boycott. Authors Rabbi Hier and Rabbi Cooper said many of the right things in their Op-Ed. But before they came along, the LA Times was an increasingly and visibly extremist anti-Israel paper. With this SWC Op-Ed, the LA Times is now back in a position to claim "the middle ground", as obscene a thought as that is to observers of this fanatically anti-Israel paper. The SWC should have just circulated their statement on the Internet and pointedly refused the LA Times the right to publish it - thus leaving the paper out there to stew in its own extremism and economic decline.

Friends of Israel should not buy the extremist anti-Israel LA Times nor help contribute to their revenues by participating in debates under their control. Subscribers please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your paper and let us know at, and let all your friends know about Join the Boycott. Please direct letters of protest to Comments to the Wiesenthal Center should be addressed to Thank you.

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Friday August 3, 2007 - Special Report

Pool Of LA Times Anti-Israel Propagandists in Israel Is Growing Despite Cutbacks

The pool of anti-Israel propagandists working for the LA Times in Israel appears to be growing despite the recent drastic cutbacks and steep decline in readership of this widely reviled newspaper. see E&P The last regular twosome of Laura King and Ken Ellingwood has been augmented by a raft of new names. In the last 30 days or so as many as 6 "staff" journalists have reported from Israel including the prolific and despised LA Times anti-Israel propagandist, Tracy Wilkinson, plus Ken Ellingwood, Richard Boudreaux, Jeffrey Fleishman, Louise Roug, and Vita Bekker. In addition to them, there are the "special correspondents" (with Arab names) Maher Abukhater, Hamada Abu Qamar, Fayed Abu Shammaleh, etc. Why the dramatic increase in personnel in such fiscally stringent times?

The LA Times might claim the increase is due to an expectation of confrontation in the North or in Gaza. G-D Forbid. However, it is more likely that they are exploiting this concern to infiltrate more of their anti-Israel activist reporters. From Israel's point of view, allowing these anti-Israel propagandists bent on pursuing an aggressive pro-Arab agenda, to roam freely around the country, fraternizing with PLO terrorists and turning out volumes of anti-Israel propaganda, is a disastrous strategy. The LA Times massing journalists in Israel spells big trouble.

An Over-Sized Team Attempts To Justify Its Existence With Gratuitous Anti-Israel Propaganda

While the security situation remains heated but relatively localized, the current LA Times team is attempting to justify its existence by turning out a constant stream of gratuitous anti-Israel propaganda. see Shopkeepers (8/1), Gaza Surfers (7/29), Israeli Airstrikes Kill (7/27), Marriage Wall (7/26), Israeli Textbook (7/23), etc. Gratuitous in the sense that while conflicts or far greater proportion rage on elsewhere in the world, such as in Darfur and Pakistan, conflicts that are grossly under-reported, the attention spent on Israel is excessive and grossly so - and represents a voluntary contribution by the LA Times to advancing, not simply reporting, the extremist PLO cause. In the absence of hard news, they continue to turn out purely gratuitous 'human interest' stories like Marriage Wall (7/26) and Gaza Surfers (7/29), which afford them the opportunity to continue spouting anti-Israel rhetoric like this on a near daily basis:

"If surfing is a quest for freedom, nowhere is such a pursuit more relevant than in Gaza, an overcrowded, poverty-stricken strip of land on the Mediterranean controlled by Hamas and cut off from the rest of the world by Israel." see Gaza Surfers

Subscribers of the LA Times please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel and let us know at, and let all your friends know about Join the Boycott. Please direct letters of protest to Thank you.


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