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  Thursday September 8, 2005 - Special Report
Coverage Of Katrina Disaster Dwarfs All Else

Hurricane Katrina, which arrived on the Gulf Coast on Monday August 29, 2005, some 10 days ago, was of such epic proportions, that coverage of the disaster has dwarfed all else. see e.g. FOX and CBS It is the biggest natural disaster in US history. It has grasped public attention and promises to do hold onto it for months, as the long recovery process slowly gets underway. Its focus on the popular city of New Orleans and the economically important Gulf coast has the public glued to its media. A massive outpouring of aid to the victims has ensued. To donate to Jewish relief efforts see Relief

After the media frenzy over disengagement, there was a much needed respite from the ugly scenes of some of Israel's bravest and most patriotic citizens being evicted from their homes in Gaza and Northern Samaria. But the commonality between the eviction of 9,000 Jewish residents as a result of US pressure on Israel, and nature's forceful eviction of over 500,000 US citizens from their homes just a week later, is too significant to be overlooked. see JPost and Isralert

Israel Coverage Low-Key

During this apocalyptic period, the LA Times has directed most of its resources to coverage of the Hurricane's aftermath. Coverage of Israel has been low-key and mostly confined to ongoing developments. Of note was a dig at Netanyahu, who opposed disengagement, in "Netanyahu To Go After Sharon's Position" (8/31/05, p. 9 - read TEXT). In "Hamas Sheds Light On Its Military Wing" the LA Times treated the bloodthirsty terrorists with kid-gloves calling Hamas a "militant" organization (9/4/05, p. 3 - read TEXT). In "Court Moves To Save Gaza Synagogues" the LA Times maintained its fanatical watch on every stone Israel uses to build in Judea and Samaria, and is dismissive of Israel's absolute right to expand Jewish towns, describing it as a mere Israeli insistence (9/7/05, p. 9 - read TEXT). In today's "Pullout Of Israeli Troops From Gaza Moved Up" (9/8/05, p. 9 - read TEXT), the LA Times derisively suggested by implication that the speed-up was in reaction to yesterday's internecine killing of Moussa Arafat, a cousin of the former terrorist leader (9/7/05, p. 8 - read TEXT).

Low-key or fierce, the often extremist anti-Israel LA Times does not belong in the home of a true Friend of Israel. Subscribers, please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your paper and let us know at - and let all your friends know about Join the Boycott. Thank you.

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Friday September 9, 2005 - page 3 headline

Truth?.... The LA Times Can't Handle It

The LA Times finally acknowledge AIDS was a possible cause of Arafat's death though their report relegates it below the Arab rumor that Israel poisoned him (9/9/05, "Medical Experts Still Unsure What Spurred Arafat's Decline", p. 3 - read TEXT). Formerly, they had only publicized the Arab rumor, pointedly excluding the AIDS theory. see Watch Nov 19 '04 Their acknowledgment references a recent report in Haaretz:

"Their account quoted Arafat´s personal physician, Ashraf Kurdi, as saying that he knew French doctors had found evidence of acquired immune deficiency syndrome, though the medical report makes no mention of AIDS or of any tests having been performed to detect it. Specialists found it strange the records did not mention an AIDS test, given the suspicions."

But having acknowledged a widely believed possibility that Arafat died of AIDS, they then publish yet another outrageous Palestinian slander by implying that Israel may have recently injected him with the virus:

"Kurdi said he believed Arafat was injected with the human immunodeficiency virus, which causes AIDS, to disguise the effects of poisoning, according to the account in Haaretz. Kurdi, who was not with Arafat in Paris, did not say why he believed French doctors had discovered evidence of AIDS."

The tone and wording of this article clearly expresses the LA Times reluctance to accept the AIDS theory, or at least shift the blame to Israel again. Israel, of course, vehemently denies it had anything to do with Arafat's death. see Haaretz

Another Palestinian slander concerned the death of Mohamed Dura, the infamous little boy allegedly killed in crossfire between Israel and PLO terrorists. The videotape of the event which caused so much damage to Israel's reputation and spurred the PLO terrorists to further violence, has been proven false. To the LA Times credit, they published David Gelernter's article on this subject and it is well worth reading (9/9/05, "When Pictures Lie", p. B11 - read TEXT). One has to wonder, however, why it was published in the B section which receives only a fraction of the readership of the A section. Of course the slanderous anti-Israel allegations concerning Arafat's death appear in the A section.

The LA Times does not belong in the home of a true Friend of Israel. Subscribers, please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your paper and let us know at - and let all your friends know about Join the Boycott. Thank you.

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Tuesday September 13, 2005 - page 3 headline

The LA Times Excuses Arab Synagogue Desecrations

Scarcely able to contain its own mirth at the completion of the Israeli pullout from Gaza, the LA Times has spent three days celebrating with its PLO allies so far. On Sunday it was "After Gaza Pullout, Bitterness Remains" (9/11/05, p. 3 - read TEXT); on Monday "Gazans Burn Synagogues In Israeli Soldiers' Wake" (9/12/05, p. 9 - read TEXT); and today's "Gaza Sites Are Awash With Palestinians On A New Shore" (9/13/05, p. 3 - read TEXT). For emphasis, there were several pictures of Palestinians celebrating on the remains of the Gaza communities. The slanted language and selected quotes demonize Israel's "38 year occupation of Gaza".

Though there was coverage, there was no sense of condemnation of the Palestinians, for their desecration of Gaza synagogues. To the contrary, the sense was that the Palestinians were excused because Israel "refuse[d] to raze" them. The same slant permeated most mainstream media, but that, of course does not excuse the LA Times. see Honest Reporting

Biased and plentiful though it was, the volume of coverage was perhaps less than it might have been in years past. This might reflect the budgetary constraints imposed on the paper as a result of its declining readership.

A Jewish Return to Gaza is a Certainty

Click here to access Chabad's "Torn Together", a moving video presentation on Gaza
  Gaza is, always has been, and always will be, a part of Israel. see Jewish Gaza "The lot for the tribe of the Children of Judah...Gaza, its towns and its villages". Joshua (15:1;47) see AJ, Torn Together A Jewish return to Gaza is a certainty. Whether today, tomorrow, or years from now, we will be back to claim our rightful heritage from those who have taken it from us.

The LA Times does not belong in the home of a true Friend of Israel. Subscribers, please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your paper and let us know at - and let all your friends know about Join the Boycott. Thank you.

  Sunday September 18, 2005 - Special Report
Anti-Israel Extremist, Michael Kinsley, Leaves The LA Times

The exodus at the LA Times continues. After the departures of John Puerner, Publisher Watch Mar 23 '05, and John Carroll, Editor see Pulitzer, comes news that Michael Kinsley, Editor of the Editorial pages, has left. see E&P During his tenure, the paper's editorials reflected an increasingly extremist anti-Israel view. They also published the infamous NAZI illustration which caused outrage in the community, and numerous, often radical, anti-Israel Op-Eds such as Sareed Makdisi's recent Op-Ed disdaining the Gaza pullout (8/21/05 - read TEXT and ADL response). Kinsley is reportedly headed to the Washington Post. All we can say is, watch out Washington DC community!

Here is a sample from some of Kinsley's recent Editorial pages:

The vitriolic hatred of 'settlers':

"If Sharon can successfully withdraw from Gaza, he will have taken not only a logical military step but also a step toward breaking the back of a settlers´ movement that has poisoned Israeli politics." Jul 18' 04

Citing anti-Israel opinion as fact without any facts or authority to back it up:

"Larger West Bank settlements not scheduled for evacuation are a bigger problem. Most outside Israel consider it unlawful to hold land seized in war." Apr 3 '05

Arguing for cutting Israel up (G-D Forbid):

"attacks could be diminished if Egypt helps patrol the southern Gaza border after the withdrawal, and Israel builds a rail line or highway with restricted access and side barriers to link Gaza more safely with the far larger West Bank." Aug 1, '05

More editorial comments can be found by reading through our archived LA Times Watch pages. see Archives

As if to remind us that Kinsley's departure will make no difference to ongoing LA Times anti-Israel bias, they published, on this date, another of their image-building articles for Hamas (9/18/05, "Hamas Politicians Meneuvering In Gaza Strip", p. 5 - read TEXT). see Watch Jul 18 '05 Calling the terrorists a "militant" organization, they note Hamas' "devotion to the nitty-gritty details of governance" and their "being free of... corruption". These are eloquent words for bloodthirsty murderers. Words that stretch credibility to the breaking point.

The LA Times is a newspaper with a determined anti-Israel agenda. Subscribers, please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your paper and let us know at - and let all your friends know about Join the Boycott. Thank you.

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Wednesday September 21, 2005 - Special Report
A Man Of Towering Stature Even To The LA Times

The passing of Simon Wiesenthal is a sad moment in Jewish history, Z"L. see SWC, JTA, JPost The LA Times published an extended tribute to him today, starting on the front page and covering four inside pages (9/21/05, "Nazi Hunter Loyal To The Dead", front page, 13-16 - read TEXT). It is well worth reading (not buying - if necessary, please visit your local library). The LA Times clearly had this very detailed biography of his life, by writer Henry Weinstein, ready to go. It was replete with photos from Wiesenthal's life provided mostly by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The Center is named in his honor and presumably will continue his important life's work. A Holocaust survivor himself, Wiesenthal is a hero of the Jewish people who, after regaining his freedom from Mauthausen concentration camp in 1945, selflessly devoted his life to hunting Nazi war criminals and bringing them to justice.

It is testimony to Wiesenthal's towering international stature as a fighter for justice, that seemingly every major media outlet has paid significant tribute to him. He championed a cause no-one else would take on. Even in death he continues to protect his people, for on this date, the LA Times refrained from publishing its regular dose of anti-Israel propaganda. We join in wishing his family our condolences on the passing of a great man, a fighter for justice, a true Jewish hero.

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Sunday September 25, 2005 - page 3 headline

The LA Times Whitewashes Abbas Of Responsibility For Terrorism

An LA Times report on the flare-up in Gaza following the PLO's firing of rockets at Sderot see Debka, JPost, whitewashes Abbas of any responsibility for the violence (9/25/05, "Israel Launches Airstrikes In Gaza And Arrests Militants In West Bank", p. 3 - read TEXT). Unbelievably, this report does not even mention Abbas by name. But Abbas is responsible now, officially, for what goes on in Gaza. Yet the LA Times again gratuitously jumps to his defense, hiding his deliberate inaction against Hamas. This comes after yesterday's article which not-so-subtly suggested Israel was responsible for the blast at a Hamas rally which both Israel and the PA have said was the result of a faulty Hamas weapons explosion (9/24/05, "Blast At Hamas Rally Kills 15", p. 3 - read TEXT). The LA Times simply refuses to put any pressure on the Palestinians to stop their terrorism. Instead, they continue to pressure Israel one-sidedly to make more concessions.

Wiesenthal Center Violates The Boycott

With regret we report that, on this date also, the Simon Wiesenthal Center saw fit to spend our Tzedaka (charity) money on an advertisement in the anti-Israel LA Times for its memorial service for Simon Wiesenthal, Z"L (9/25/05, p. 11). see Ad This is a violation of the boycott. The blatant anti-Israel propaganda appearing on page 3 (see paragraph above), shows the great folly of placing this ad. Further, the Wiesenthal Center received extensive publicity for their Memorial service in the local Jewish press over the preceding weekend, more than sufficient to fill the few hundred seats available for this event. see Jewish Journal (scroll down to "Bulletin") and SWC There was simply no need to give precious donations to the anti-Israel and often anti-semitic LA Times. We have to wonder also, what Simon Wiesenthal would have thought of the LA Times whitewashing Palestinian terrorism, or the infamous NAZI illustration they published last year suggesting, in a very underhanded way, that Israel was a 'Nazi' state.

Perhaps this ad was payback for a couple of favorable LA Times articles last week paying tribute to Simon Wiesenthal. see above Sep 21 If it was, we consider this to be a trading of the welfare of Jews locally at the expense of Jews in Israel. It is unfortunate at best, immoral at worst. With regret therefore, we have no choice but to place the Simon Wiesenthal Center on the list of no-go charities (joining the Federation) until and unless they apologize for this squandering of valuable Tzedaka funds and assure donors they will not do so again. To protest directly to the Simon Wiesenthal Center please write to and see sample letter

The LA Times does not belong in the home of a true Friend of Israel. Subscribers, please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your paper and let us know at - and let all your friends know about Join the Boycott. Thank you.

UPDATE 9/26/05 - More Free PR For Hamas From The LA Times - In a blatantly biased headline intended to boost Hamas, the LA Times announced on its front page that "Hamas Halts Its Attacks On Israel From Gaza Strip" (9/26/05, front page - read TEXT). Arutz is already reporting a mortar was fired from Gaza at Israel. see Arutz and JPost It is insulting the public's intelligence to expect we should give credence to the word of bloodthirsty terrorists whose sworn aim is to destroy Israel (G-D Forbid). Any announcement from Hamas should be treated with consummate disdain instead of being presented by the LA Times as a statement of fact. Coming after yesterday's "Israel Launches Airstrikes In Gaza" (see above) this two-day combination of headlines is intended to portray Israel as the aggressor and Hamas as the peace maker, a complete reversal of the truth.
In addition, the LA Times continues to single out Israel for the use of the word "assassination". In no other context does the LA Times consistently use the word "assassination" to describe the killing of terrorists. The word is again intended to place the mantle of wrongdoer on the defender, Israel, instead of on the aggressor, Hamas.
This was one of the most blatantly biased reports in LA Times history and is worth reading simply for its value as an example of rampant pro-Arab bias and distortion.
With the LA Times providing Hamas with almost daily free PR there is only one course of action. Throw your LA Times where it belongs. In the trash. Please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your paper and let us know at and let all your friends know about Join the Boycott. Thank you.

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Sunday October 16, 2005 - page 5 headline

LA Times Plugs Its Extremist PLO Agenda Again

Today's criminal and brutal PLO terrorism, which killed 3 Israelis and wounded 5 in shootings in Gush Etzion, was enough reminder, if any was necessary, of the inappropriateness of this LA Times report accusing Israel of "stifling" the Gaza economy see JPost and Arutz ("Gazans See Border Controls As Stifling Economy", 10/16/05, p. 5 - read TEXT). While the focus should be on eradicating PLO terrorism which has held up progress for decades, the LA Times is again pushing its extremist PLO agenda using the Gaza economy as a cover. It is again advocating a plan to cut Israel in half (G-D Forbid) with a "passage" to link Palestinians in Gaza with those in Judea and Samaria:

"Officials are exploring options for creating a secure transit passage between Gaza and the West Bank, which are separated at their closest point by about 25 miles. One proposal would carve a 15-foot-deep sunken road across Israel for Palestinian cargo trucks. An alternative, favored by Israel as cheaper, is a rail line. Escorted truck convoys may be the interim answer."

There is no mainstream discussion of these topics. Only what the LA Times is pretending is mainstream in an attempt to sell it to the public. Even though they discuss Israeli security concerns, it is clear from the headline and the focus of the article, that the intent is to push their extremist PLO plan while dismissing Israeli security concerns as partisan.

This anti-Israel salvo follows a low-key first half of October in coverage of Israel. Reporting has been limited, with the occasional update on the "militants" (i.e. PLO terrorists), or to criticize one or another element of Israeli policy (see e.g. "Israel's Use of "Human Shields" Barred", 10/7/05, p. 3 - read TEXT). As expected, there has been no pressure on Abbas to disarm the terrorists, despite the turbulence in Gaza. Also of concern has been the coverage of the AIPAC investigation (see e.g. "Former Analyst For Pentagon Admits Passing Secrets To Israel", 10/6/05, p. 3 - read TEXT).

Of positive note was a Dennis Prager Op-Ed in last Sunday's paper "When Young Jews Major In Anti-Semitism" (10/9/05, p. M2 - read TEXT). It is worth reading but like most of the little favorable material offered, it sits way back in an obscure portion of the paper while the front section is reserved for the regular and oppressive anti-Israel material.

The LA Times does not belong in the home of a true Friend of Israel. Subscribers, please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your paper and let us know at - and let all your friends know about Join the Boycott. Thank you.

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Sunday October 23, 2005 - page M4 Editorial

LA Times Presents A Distorted View Of Abbas

More appropriately lighter coverage of Israel is continuing, at least for now. However, there was a very offensive article about last week's brutal and criminal PLO murder of 3 Israelis. ("Three Israelis Shot Dead By Militants In West Bank", 10/7/05, p. 3 - read TEXT). Calling cold-blooded murderers of innocent civilians "militants" is highly offensive. It is deliberately used to sanitize PLO crimes. But even more offensive, was an implication under the accompanying picture from the murder scene, that "militants" had murdered the Israelis to put pressure on Abbas prior to his Washington visit. To so trivialize the murder of Jews is astonishingly insensitive and manipulative on the LA Times' part.

Coverage of Abbas' visit to Washington last week was limited to a single report "Bush Recasts Mideast Goals" (10/21/05, p. 3 - read TEXT). This was fitting for the man who, just as dishonestly as Arafat, is conducting a terrorist war while talking "peace", as the world looks the other way. His overly warm US welcome was perhaps not quite as warm as on his first visit, and President Bush, thankfully, did start to place some pressure on him to stop the terrorism. President Bush has also wisely delayed US efforts to create a Palestinian state. This LA Times article was also far too generous to Abbas, failing to adequately expose his duplicitous terrorist policy. Likewise an earlier Op-Ed by David Makovsky and Dennis Ross was way off the mark on Abbas ("The Un-Arafat Comes Calling", 10/19/05, p. B13 - read TEXT).

Sunday's follow-up Editorial on Abbas' visit presented a similarly distorted view of the situation and the man ("Making Peace Work", 10/23/05, p. M4 - read TEXT). As usual, it placed almost exclusive emphasis on Israel's obligations. It ignored the role of Abbas in orchestrating Palestinian terrorism and destroying prospects for peace. see 'A History Of Violence'

The LA Times does not belong in the home of a true Friend of Israel. Subscribers, please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your paper and let us know at - and let all your friends know about Join the Boycott. Thank you.

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Saturday October 29, 2005 - page 3 Headline

LA Times Continues To Glorify PLO Terrorists Over Their Victims

It was evident in last week's stepped up coverage of Israel, that the direction of the post-Carroll editorial team will be exactly the same as Carroll's - a determined bias in the PLO's favor. Most coverage remains fanatically focused on Palestinian suffering and anger, glorifying the PLO terrorists over their Israeli victims. Even Thursday's lone article on the latest Palestinian atrocity, another suicide bombing in Hadera, included a picture showing, not the Israeli victims, but the PLO terrorist's wrapped body, lying at the scene ("Suicide Bomber Kills 5 At Market In Northern Israel", 10/7/05, p. 3 - read TEXT). Note also the hiding of "Palestinian" from the headline to reduce the negative impact to their cause, a trait of dishonesty common to most anti-Israel media. see JtB's alert 'AP Continues Its War Against Israel'

Specifically, during last week we were subjected to a report glorifying PLO terrorist Laui Saadi ("Israel Army Kills Militant Blamed In Fatal Assaults", 10/25/05, p. 3 - read TEXT), a picture showing angry Arab women at his funeral (10/26/05, p. 5), an article on Israel's counter-strike and photo of angry Palestinian men on Friday ("Israel Launches Offensive In Gaza", 10/28/05, p. 3 - read TEXT), and another article on Israel's counter-strike and photo of angry Arabs today ("Israel Continues Strikes On Gaza", 10/29/05, p. 3 - read TEXT). The LA Times strives, as usual, to portray Israel as the aggressor, implying that its acts of self-defense are unjustified and destructive of the prospects of peace.

There is again next to no reporting showing the truth about Abbas, that he is simply another Arafat using terrorism as a weapon against Israel. The recent, hopelessly naive, Ross Op-Ed calling him the "Un-Arafat" looks increasingly foolish ("The Un-Arafat Comes Calling", 10/19/05, p. B13 - read TEXT). There are constant excuses for the refusal of Abbas to stop terrorism, that he does not want to foment "civil war", or that Israel has denied him the means to crack down. Anything but the truth. The Palestinians direct their efforts to making war, and the media is actively helping them.

The LA Times does not belong in the home of a true Friend of Israel. Subscribers, please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your paper and let us know at - and let all your friends know about Join the Boycott. Thank you.
UPDATE 11/02/05 - "Israel Widens Its Attacks On Militants, Killing Two" continues the blatantly biased coverage of the fighting, again portraying Israel as the aggressor (11/2/05, p. 3 - read TEXT). The constant Palestinian rocket attacks and their ongoing preparations for more terrorist attacks are ignored.


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