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I cancelled my LA Times. I saved much time and frustration. Michael, Los Angeles, CA

Canceled subscription. We're done. No more biased, anti-Israel LA Times. Jackie, Los Angeles, CA

I recently cancelled my LA Times because of their anti-semitic anti-Israel views as expressed in their news articles. Jerry, Los Angeles, CA

In 1982 I stopped reading the New York Times permanently because of their relentless bias against Israel, Judaism and Jews. Since 1982 there have been countless times when I heard my fellow Jews complain loudly about it but they have not corrected their evil anti Jewish ways. If I see an abandoned copy of the New York Times I throw it in the garbage. Adam, New York, NY

The LA Times and NY Times are and have been the most anti-semitic and obviously anti-Israel. Nothing new about their actions. We canceled our subscriptions years ago. Pablo, Los Angeles, CA

My husband and I cancelled our LA Times subscription because it is an anti-semitic paper. We also do not want to receive the LA Times advertising circulars which arrive every Friday, and so we wrote to Sam Zell, owner of Tribune Company, demanding he stop delivering them immediately. They go from the mail box to the trash bin unreviewed. Shirley, Los Angeles, CA

After signing The Body Shop Petition, I also canceled my LA Times. I had been receiving the Sunday Times. I do not wish to have any part of a newspaper which promulgates biased reporting. Their anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, and pro-terrorist states/entities slant has gone too far. Thomas, Los Angeles, CA

With great pleasure I canceled my LA slime subscription.  The last 2 weeks, the front pages were plastered daily with the bombings in Beirut with hardly any mention of Israel's pain and suffering. I own a market in Venice so it was about 11 papers a day they are losing. Keep up the good fight. Miriam, Venice, CA

I stopped the NY Times 5 years ago when the Tuvia Grossman story came out. The New York Sun is pro-Israel and a good newspaper. It was really hard for me to wean myself off the NY Times because I have read it for years.  But knowing I had a good option made it all the more doable. Barbara, New York, NY

Great idea. I stopped my LA Times subscription after being a loyal reader for over 25 years. Their anti-Israel slant finally got to me. And boycotting the movie Munich; thanks, another great idea. Spielberg has abandoned Israel and the concept of "Never Again." I refuse to see it. Good luck. Louis, Los Angeles, CA

I have gotten at least 50 people to drop their subscriptions to the LA Times.  It is a propaganda machine disguised as a newspaper hiding behind the first amendment.  Boyd, Los Angeles, CA

I used to be an LA Times subscriber. Their delivery service is very poor. I see their bias as very liberal and anti-Israel. I currently buy the Daily Breeze which is less biased and they have better coverage of the news for the South Bay area. So I will continue to boycott the LA Times.  Lewis, Los Angeles, CA

I have been reading Join the Boycott for several months and can relate to the LA Times bias. I live in Minneapolis and had subscribed to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune for over 30 years. I finally got tired of their bias against Israel and canceled my subscription. Harry, Minneapolis, MN

I and many others in Canada boycott the Toronto Star for its anti-Israel stance.  Jonathan, Toronto, Canada

Have been boycotting the NY Times for years because of their anti-Israel bias.  Jack, New York, NY

The SF Chronicle has a consistent anti-Israel bias. I finally canceled my subscription after it butchered coverage of the Israel Independence Day festival. Thousands attended, but the only coverage in the Chronicle was the handful of pro-Palestinian demonstrators across the street. Mark, San Francisco, CA

I have canceled our subscription to the Sacramento Bee, Sacramento's only daily newspaper due to its anti-Israel editorials and articles. When asked to re-subscribe, I've told them the reason I refuse to do so.  Debbie, Rancho Cordova, CA

This morning I canceled my subscription to the Times Herald Record, Middletown, NY, and I told them that it was because of their extreme liberal bias. I had been a subscriber for twenty years. Where there is a left wing bias there almost always can be found an anti-Israel stance.
Carolyn, Middletown, NY

Stopped buying the LA Times over three years ago because of its biased, pernicious, ignorant, uninformed, vicious coverage of Israel.
Sara, Santa Monica

My girlfriend and I both canceled our Los Angeles Times subscriptions because of their liberal bias;  much happier with the Wall Street Journal op-ed pages. Steve, Los Angeles, CA

We canceled our LA Times subscription over a year ago because of anti-Israel editorializing on the front page over and over again.  They call every week to ask us to sign up & we just hang up on them.
Rita & Steve, Los Angeles, CA

In Britain the main offender is the BBC but we must pay the BBC to watch. Funny, I thought we lived in a democracy. I have not purchased for many years the Independent, Observer, Guardian newspapers and recently the London Evening Standard and the Daily and Sunday Mail. Martin, London, England

We canceled our subscription to the Los Angeles Times after over 30 years. It was difficult but we felt we had no other choice.  Jay, Los Angles, CA

We joined the boycott of the LA Times over a year ago after having been a subscriber for over forty years. I also wrote and told them why we cancelled. Did not receive a reply to our notice. The web is by far the better news gatherer.
 Bob, Beverly Hills, CA

I have canceled the San Diego Union Tribune for their consistent anti-Israel view and reporting.  
Michelle, San Diego, CA

Hi. I canceled my LA Times subscription during the recall election of Gray Davis... and subscribed to the WSJ. Wish I would have done it 10 years ago! Cheers.  Jari, Alta Loma, CA

Haven't bought the LA Times for years; stopped my subscription before that. Am also boycotting CNN and tell their sponsors I will boycott their products and let my MSN and Yahoo groups know. Am a staunch supporter of a strong Israel and an avowed opponent of worldwide jihadist terror.  
Peter, Blue Jay, CA

Thank you for the New York Times boycott. We stopped our subscription years ago when the boycott first began. One of our friends started a subscription merely to cancel later. Their treatment of Israel and moral vacuum is despicable, especially Thomas Friedman. Phil, New York, NY

I canceled my subscription to your anti-Israel brethen, The NY Times, and I want to join the voices of disgust about your blatantly anti-semitic [LA Times] publication, after seeing the editorial cartoon of the word "Israel" forming the I of
"NAZI" in big block letters. It is blatant propaganda. Barbara, Flushing, NY

I finally "joined the [LA Times] boycott" after seeing today's editorial cartoon of the word "Israel" forming the I of "NAZI" in big block letters. I put off canceling in deference to my wife who likes their leftist political viewpoint but I can't abide by this. I gave them an earful when I canceled. Judd, Irvine, CA

I canceled my LA Times months ago (I was only receiving the Sunday edition). Their blatant bias and anti-Israel position is sad. In depth articles on the families of the suicide bombers with hardly a mention of the victims made it apparent the LA Times is on the side of the terrorists.
 Robert, Ventura, CA

As a Boston-area resident, I refuse to subscribe to the Globe. It always was an anti-Israel rag. l still read it at my parents' house, but it always sends my blood pressure soaring. Here's an example. I will not register online for the anti-Israel LA Times, NY Times, Chicago Tribune, or BBCRobin, Everett, MA

I canceled my subscription to the blatantly biased anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rag sheet referred to as the LA Times about two years ago. Occasionally I do read someone else's copy if it is by chance available to me.
Ben, Encino, CA

You are right, the LA Times is biased. I have canceled based on your urging and confirmation of what I can read and suspected myself. Dean, Van Nuys, CA

I canceled my subscription to the Monterey Herald around the end of 2001. I wrote an angry letter to the editor regarding the anti-semitic, anti-Israeli and anti-American content of this newspaper. They try to get me back but I just explain why I did it. Thank you for your great initiative.  Rachel, Monterey, CA

I have boycotted the New York Times for almost two years now and urged my friends to do the same. I would urge all LA residents to boycott the LA Times too. I'm glad to see you're fighting back against the LA Times war on the Jews. Hazak V'Ematz. Am Yisrael Chai. Medinat Yisrael.  Rebecca, New York, NY

I support your efforts 100%. I have canceled the LA Times numerous times over the years because of their anti-Israel reporting, but the last straw was the Schwarzenegger articles. They got me to cancel permanently. I sent numerous angry emails to John Carroll and others at the Times. Mark, Los Angeles, CA

I called and canceled my subscription to the LA Times on Saturday 10/04/03 over biased Recall coverage. I also agree with your points regarding the Times biased coverage against Israel.  Tom, Los Angeles, CA

I canceled my subscription to the LA Times telling them to shove their “Lying Liberal Sleaze Rag”.  I am now a Daily News subscriber and they told me they were being bombarded with new orders due to the LA Times liberal backstab!  Thank You for the Web Site!  Bookmarked!  Christina, Palmdale, CA

I just canceled my LA Times subscription. They can chalk this one up to their ongoing attacks on Arnold for their own political means. I too believe that the Times only publishes the selective truth to serve its own political agenda.........and it makes me sick. Glad to join the boycott!  Stacy, Los Angeles, CA

Though I have boycotted the LA Times for quite a few years, my husband started a subscription to the Sunday paper for the Sports section and the ads.  Today, we canceled that subscription and will never again put one dime into that corrupt organization.  Cher, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

I read the NY Times for 40 years and canceled in 2002. The selection of quotes, phrase, photos and headlines, were grossly biased against reality, let alone Israel. I do not miss the Times' pomposity or self-righteousness at all. I'm better informed, and far less upset by what I read now. Sam, Cleveland, OH

I have just canceled my daily online & print subscription to the NY Times. Their biased anti-Israel reporting has been irritating for quite some time, and they need to learn that enough is enough! Am Israel Chai!  Lillian, Ascona, Switzerland

I'm from Toronto and no longer purchase the NY Times, but have been aware of the LA Times bias for some time. 2 Years ago, Benjamin's, a large Funeral Home, stopped their Ads in the Toronto Star, because of its anti-Israel bias. Lets hope similar companies in LA follow suit!  Shelagh, Toronto, Canada

I feel gypped at not being given the facts and truth about the situation in Israel without bias and spin. Their anti-Israel values are seen in their sentences and headlines. Shame on the LA Times and shame on anyone who would support such a rag..  Allyson, Los Angeles, CA

Although not a subscriber to the LA Times, I very often turn to it on our newsstands here in San Luis Obispo and have been a regular purchaser of the Sunday Times. I will do so no longer; not until they take their vicious anti-Israel tone out of their newspaper. Elizabeth, San Luis Obispo, CA

I haven't bought the NY Times in at least five years; and two years ago I canceled my local NY PBS channel because I did not want to support their anti-Israel BBC newscasts. Now I am emailing them negative reactions to the BBC from many observers.  Sylvia, New York, NY

I gave up my subscription to the Newark (NJ) Star Ledger after 22 years, and my company will no longer advertise there.  Suicide bombers are "militants", and every Israeli who defends his country is a "hardliner".  They seldom publish contrary opinions in their letters to the editor either. Steve, Parsippany, NJ

I canceled my NY Times subscription long ago, and refuse to support NPR. We can't let this slander pass by. This is how it started with the Nazis too. Ronald, New York, NY

Great Site... it's wonderful to see people who are making these liberal institutions pay for their lies. The NY Times is available in Toronto, and I used to read it now and then as a second paper, but I've stopped buying it due to its Anti-Western, Anti-American, and Anti-Israeli bias.  Joseph, Toronto, Canada

I (and a lot of others) canceled the NY Times approximately 1 year ago in response to their anti-Israel reporting.  Now I get the NY Sun which is much more evenhanded, although I don't agree with all their articles either.  Sue, Brooklyn, NY

I'm an American living in the The Netherlands. We recently canceled our subscription to the International Herald Tribune. In addition to being anti-Israel, it's blatantly anti-American. Good riddance to bad garbage.  Kathy, Amsterdam, Holland

I recently canceled my coverage to Newsweek due to their consistently anti-Israel bias. see Honest Reporting I also refused to renew my subscription to the Dallas Morning News whose coverage of the conflict is blatantly pro-Arab. see example  Dafna, Dallas, TX

The San Francisco Chronicle has become like an Arab newspaper. Anything Israel does is wrong. A subscriber for over 15 years, I canceled when it refused to carry the whole story of the destruction of Joseph's Tomb.  And the paper is hurting in readership.  Hinda, San Francisco, CA

I am generally loathe to boycott but that is not the case with the LA Times. We canceled our subscription, wrote a letter why, and called a friend who is a Times Editor. They know what is happening, although I’m not sure they care, but if more people join they will. Keep up the good work.  Gabriel, Irvine, CA

I am a boycotter of the NY Times and I got my friends to cancel their subscriptions. I also don't watch CNN, and Palestine Pete Jennings.  Joel, Brooklyn, NY

I canceled my subscription to the LA Times after 60,000 people attended the Israel Independence celebration in the Valley and they didn't even mention it. Present were Bill Simon, Gray Davis, Alan Keyes and Larry Elder. The person who took my cancellation said "I agree with you".
  Alex, Woodland Hills, CA

We are ex-New Yorkers in Philadelphia and former subscribers to the NY Times, Philadelphia Inquirer and WHYY (NPR). We discontinued because of their virulent anti-Israel and pro-terrorist bias. I feel bad for the deliverer of the Inquirer, but this is the only way to protest their policies.
  Steve, Blue Bell, PA

I canceled the NY Times several months ago because of its constant anti-Israel reporting. Outright distortions - the final straw was their reporting on the so-called Jenin "massacre". They implied 80-90% had been destroyed by the Israelis - in my opinion it was vicious slander.
. Charles, New York, NY

I canceled my subscription to the NY Times in April 2001 due to anti-Israel, anti-Jewish writing (not reporting - as they make up what they can not report).  Keep up the good work. .Paul, Monsey, NY

I gave up my LA Times subscription nearly two years ago - long before all the negative publicity over its biased reporting. I do not want the reporting to be pro-Israel particularly, just more objective. The most offensive reporter to me has been Tracy Wilkinson.
.Bruce, Los Angeles, CA

I canceled the LA Times a year ago because of their anti-Israel, anti-Semitic reporting. They said they would forward my comments along to the editor. Sure they will... When they call me to resubscribe, I tell them I wouldn't even take their paper for free because of their biased reporting. .Ross, Los Angeles, CA

I belong to the ZOA in the Philadelphia area. I rallied with them outside the Philadelphia Inquirer's building and found out about the horrid remarks in this paper. I got a call to subscribe to them. I told them no way would I subscribe to an anti-semitic paper! Good job this site is doing!
. Norma, Philadelphia, PA

I stopped reading the NY Times, the Washington Post and the LA Times years ago. I haven't watched 10 minutes of CNN since FOX News hit the airwaves and I don't buy from companies that support these outlets and I let them know it. .Andrew, Athens, NY

I live in Chicago and canceled the Chicago Tribune.  The Tribune of course owns the LA Times.  We do have an alternative city wide newspaper,  The Chicago Sun-Times which is very pro-Israel.  The Tribune is not quite as bad as the LA Times in its coverage.
Larry, Chicago, IL

I can no longer subscribe to the LA Times because of its unfair and slanted reporting of news pertaining to Israel. I will get my information from other newspapers and other sources...Atara, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you. Your boycott finally prompted me to cancel my subscription to the San Francisco Chronicle. I first tried to effect change of the Chronicle's gross anti-Israel bias "from within" but after numerous letters (some published) proved pointless, I decided to vote with my wallet.
. Isaac, Palo Alto, CA

I canceled my LA Times subscription in May, 2002. I was disappointed with their anti-Israel reporting. They became a Palestinian propaganda machine feeding us the Arab spin. Their selective omissions and opinions mixed up with news caused me to not trust their reporting...Mike, Los Angeles, CA

My husband and I canceled the San Francisco Chronicle after two years of fruitless letter writing to correct their anti-Israel bias. The only result was they changed the article by-lines so you wouldn't know they were written by Arabs. The Chron is an Arab propaganda tool not a newspaper.
..Pat, San Rafael, CA

I quit my subscription to the Los Angeles Times in February, after over 20 years. Too much anti-Israel bias, editorials masquerading as reporting, etc. I want a paper that writes the way Elder, Limbaugh, Prager, Hewitt and Medved speak, i.e. something truthful and objective
. .Bill, Los Angeles, CA

I permanently canceled my subscription to the LA Times in April 2002 because of anti-Israel bias in the news coverage and in the editorial pages. They called several times asking me to come back but I'll continue my boycott until the paper institutes objective reporting as its policy.
..Shmuel, Anaheim, CA

We canceled our subscription to the San Francisco Chronicle several months ago because we were receiving inaccurate news that was biased against Israel. We don't miss the Chronicle at all. .Ron, Larkspur, CA

I am boycotting the Philadelphia Inquirer. It has a seriously anti-Israel philosophy including omitting and distorting critical facts, ignoring the hatred espoused in Arab textbooks and media, ignoring Jewish victims, and concealing Arafat's real cause: the destruction of Israel. .Ken, Philadelphia, PA

I have permanently canceled my subscription to the LA Times because of their pro-moslem terrorist stance. They call Sharon "hardline" for defending Jewish lives while portraying moslem murderers as freedom fighters which is disgusting and immoral.
.Raymond, Los Angeles, CA

The Minneapolis Star Tribune was not calling "suicide bombers" terrorists. Many members of the community signed a petition which was printed in the Star saying we would cancel our subscriptions unless they call them terrorists. They refused so we and many others canceled...Andy, Minneapolis, MN

Bonne chance! I long ago stopped getting the NY Times. I prefer to get my news about Israel from more accurate sources...Marion, New York, NY

I have permanently canceled my subscription to the LA Times because they are untruthful and slanted against Israel...Gail, Beverly Hills, CA

I canceled my subscription to the Washington Post. I am fed up with the reporting of the "conflict" in Israel. Very biased reporting.
.Sharon, Washington DC

I boycotted the LA Times after the Passover attacks because the reports were outrageous. They took the Arab side with hardly any mention of those massacred. I cannot understand why the LA Times is so biased. They pose as "Americans" when they clearly support terrorism. .Josh, Los Angeles, CA

The task you have undertaken and accomplished was a very necessary one. Distribution of this material will truly show the lethal effects of the LA Times. So much thanks. I have permanently canceled my subscription. lBernie, Los Angeles, CA

I live in New Jersey so the only paper I can boycott is the New York Times.  But I've been boycotting them for years anyway.  I won't even register on their website. 
Jack, Scotch Plains, NJ

I have been boycotting the LA Times since January, 1988, about 1 month after it started its relentless and insidious anti-Israel campaign and I encourage all friends of Israel to boycott it too.. David, Los Angeles, CA


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