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Media Mis-Reporting

The Heritage - January 29,1988
The Origins of the Boycott

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October 31, 2006

The Body Shop - Just Walk On By:

Click here to read and sign the Don't Shop The Body Shop Petition protesting the chain's support of PLO causes

L'Oreal's new acquisition, The Body Shop, has not made amends for giving money to PLO causes. see TBS Protest Friends of Israel are urged to shop elsewhere and, if you have not yet done so, to sign the Petition. To write to The Body Shop use their contact page - above, a man passes by The Body Shop store at the UBS Center on Liverpool Street in London - photo JtB

Preventing Gaza From Becoming Another Lebanon:

Israel is determined not to allow Gaza to become another Southern Lebanon. see YNET, AP, Reuters, Jewish Journal

Stand Up For Israel - Sign The Body Shop Petition

The BBC Admits its Obvious Bias:

The BBC has admitted its bias, a generation after it was obvious to everyone, but its anti-Israel bias is not mentioned. see We Are Biased - hat-tip: Naomi Here is a part of their confession:

"At the secret meeting in London last month, which was hosted by veteran broadcaster Sue Lawley, BBC executives admitted the corporation is dominated by homosexuals and people from ethnic minorities, deliberately promotes multiculturalism, is anti-American, anti-countryside and more sensitive to the feelings of Muslims than Christians." see We Are Biased

LA Times Fires Off A Rabid Anti-Israel Blast:

They had lowered their volume recently, though not their bias, and in Saturday's paper, the LA Times reminded us of their rabid anti-Israel politics. see Watch Oct 21

Pollard's 21-Year Incarceration - A Continuing Disgrace:

Secretary Rice pressures Israel to release Barghouti, a terrorist and a murderer, while the US continues to hold Pollard, who has served his sentence for spying a hundred fold. see Arutz, Pollard Please write to President Bush to request Pollard's release at and see example

Are You Boycotting A Newspaper/Media Outlet?
Please let us know at

Boycott the LA Times Website Too:

Every hit on the LA Times website helps generate their ad revenues see par. 13, so boycott the LA Times website too. Articles of major US and international media outlets are available at UJF and see Boycotters

Little Jewish Reaction to Mel Gibson's Explanation:

Other than the ADL's eagerness to accept it, Jewish groups have largely overlooked Mel Gibson's explanation for his anti-semitic outburst. see ABC (after short ad), ADL (updated link), contactmusic, AFP JtB urges the boycott of all Mel Gibson movies. see Say Goodbye

TIME Magazine - Hopelessly One-Sided Arab Propaganda:

TIME Magazine (Oct 16, 2006) again shows what hopelessly one-sided Arab propaganda it is, sympathizing with Gazans and ignoring their terrorism (p. 44). see Turning Hunger, Hypocrisy Subscribers, join the boycott of TIME magazine. see Denenberg Letters of protest to, CC

Stand Up For Israel - Sign The Body Shop Petition

  Shemini Atzeret- Simchat Torah 5767:

Join the Boycott wishes all our friends a Joyous Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah 5767. see Aish Follow the latest from JtB at The LA Times Watch

Israel Sees a Nuclear North Korea As Influencing Iran:

The significance to Israel of North Korea's nuclear test is its influence on Iran's nuclear development. see Haaretz, AFP, YNET

Boycott the LA Times Website Too:

Every hit on the LA Times website helps generate their ad revenues see par. 13, so boycott the LA Times website too. Articles of major US and international media outlets are available at UJF and see Boycotters

Please Call 1-800-252-9141 and Cancel Your LA Times
and let us know at

The Freedom to Misinform:

Click here to read the comments of former LA Times and other anti-Israel newspaper subscribers
  The latest LA Times publicity stunt is its slogan 'PULL your weight in water cooler conversations'. What they mean is, help them spread anti-Israel propaganda, i.e. exercise your right to misinform, like they do. Just recently, the LA Times blamed Israel mostly for the demise of the Gaza border agreement see Rice Hopes and sympathized with Gaza farmers while ignoring continued PLO rocket attacks on Israel. see Rice's Bafling Subscribers, call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel. see Honor Roll At left, one of the LA Times ads - photo JtB

Frustration In Sderot Over Continuing PLO Rocket Attacks:

Frustration is building in Sderot over the continuing Kassam rocket attacks with Eli Moyal, the Mayor of Sderot, among the latest victims of PLO terrorism. see Arutz, YNET

  Succot 5767 - October 6-14, 2006:

Join the Boycott wishes all our friends a Happy Succot 5767. see Aish Get the latest news on media issues with JtB at The LA Times Watch

Stand Up For Israel - Sign The Body Shop Petition

UTLA Blasted For its Anti-Israel Politics:

The United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) is misusing its position to engage in anti-Israel politics, provoking outrage in the Jewish Community. see Jewish Journal, frontpagemagTo protest to UTLA click here or write to

Tribune Company Ousts LA Times Publisher:

  The Tribune Company has ousted Jeffrey Johnson, publisher of the LA Times. see Yahoo, Mkt Watch But no change is expected in the paper's blatant anti-Israel bias. see Honor Roll at left LA Times offices - photo JtB

Nazi Massacre of Jews at Babi Yar Remembered:

The 65th anniversary of the Nazi massacre of Jews at Babi Yar was remembered this week. see JTA, USA Today

Are You Boycotting A Newspaper/Media Outlet?
Please let us know at

Yom Kippur 5767:

Join the Boycott wishes all our friends around the world a Good Fast on Yom Kippur 5767. see Jewish Journal

See Previous Report

Follow the trail of LA Times anti-Israel propaganda at the

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"We joined the boycott of the LA Times over a year ago after having been a subscriber for over forty years. I also wrote and told them why we cancelled. Did not receive a reply to our notice. The web is by far the better news gatherer."  
Bob, Beverly Hills, CA
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