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Media Mis-Reporting

The Heritage - January 29,1988
The Origins of the Boycott

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July 31, 2006

Israel's Side of the Story Not Told at the LA Times:

The LA Times effectively boycotts Israel's side of the story. That is why you should boycott the LA Times. see the latest

Stand Up For Israel - Sign The Body Shop Petition

Condemn Hezbollah Terrorism to the UN:

Hezbollah is still raining rockets on Israel see JPost, IsraelInsider and is responsible for all civilian casualties. Please write to the UN to condemn Hezbollah terrorism at - see sample Even some Lebanese are condemning Hezbollah. see cedars

Barbara Walters Joins the Mel Gibson Boycott:

More fall-out from Mel Gibson's anti-semitic tirade - on her morning show, The View, Barbara Walters said "I don't think I want to see any more Mel Gibson movies". see USA Today and MSNBC. Well done Barbara. see The View Join the Mel Gibson Boycott.

ADL Violates LA Times Boycott:

The ADL is the latest communal organization to violate the LA Times boycott by placing an ad in the paper. The LA Times rewards their foolishness with contempt. see ADL Violates

To join our email list - write to
and please include an explanation of your interest

Say Goodbye To Mad Max:

Mel Gibson has nowhere to hide after his cowardly tirade against Jews upon his DUI arrest. Join the Boycott advises a total boycott of all Mel Gibson movies. see Gibson's Anti-Semitism

Seattle Community In Shock After Terrorist Attack:

The Jewish Community in Seattle is in shock after the terrorist shooting at the federation which killed 1 and injured 6 others. see Seattle Times, JTA, and Reuters

Boycott the LA Times Website Too:

Every hit on the LA Times website helps generate their ad revenues see par. 13, so boycott the LA Times website too. Articles of major US and international media outlets are available at UJF and see boycotters

Have something to say? Please use our Talk about Israel with other visitors to Join the Boycott on the Message Board

The War On Arab Terrorism - How You Can Help:

Help Israel fight the war on Arab terrorism see Israel Insider, JPost - your donations vitally needed for Friends of the IDF FIDF Magen David Adom ARMDI and victims of terror. One Family

LA Times Turns Rally For Israel into Arab Propaganda:

A ninth straight day of inflammatory front page anti-Israel reporting; and the LA Times turns LA's Rally for Israel into Arab propaganda. see Watch Jul 24 Julius Streicher would be proud of the LA Times. Join the Boycott. see Honor Roll

Los Angeles Rallies In Support Of Israel:

A July 23 rally for Israel organized by the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles drew around 6,000 people despite the heat and humidity. Speakers included the Federation's John Fishel, Rabbi Marvin Hier of SWC, Governor Schwarzenegger, and Mayor Villaraigosa. The speakers denounced Hezbollah terrorism and expressed their solidarity with Israel. see AP, KCBS, JiveLive - photo JtB

Stand Up For Israel - Sign The Body Shop Petition

Non-Stop LA Times Propaganda for Hezbollah:

A ninth straight day of pro-Hezbollah propaganda with not a hint of balance from the LA Times. An occasional Op-Ed for Israel is their cover for daily biased reporting. see Watch Jul 22

Disproportionate Hypocrisy From World Leaders:

Since when was "proportionality" a requirement of war? World leaders gang up to condemn Israel for exercising its right of self-defense, with France playing a lead role. see AFP, Guardian, Cox To protest French hypocrisy contact the French FM

Aliyah to Israel Continues Apace:

Aliyah to Israel from North America continues apace despite the security situation. see JTA and Nefesh

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and please include an explanation of your interest

LA Times Editorial On Arab Responsibility Is A Sham:

In an editorial, the LA Times contritely acknowledges Arab responsibility for the crisis... but its extensive daily reports express a clearly contrary message see Watch Jul 17 of anti-Israel extremism. see Watch Jul 18

Emergency Relief For Israel's Soldiers:

Help Israel fight its battles by donating to the Friends of the IDF. see FIDF Donations are also vital for Magen David Adom see ARMDI and for victims of terrorism. see One Family

Rally For Israel In Los Angeles, Sunday July 23:

The Jewish Federation is organizing a Rally For Israel at 6505 Wilshire Blvd., on Sunday July 23 at 4pm. Please come and show your support. see Jewish LA Friends of Israel all over the world are rallying in support. see JTA, UK Jewry, CJNews, Arutz

Stand Up For Israel - Sign The Body Shop Petition

Disproportionate Anti-Israel Bias from the LA Times:

Israel "over-reacted" to Lebanese aggression says the LA Times with its disproportionately anti-Israel coverage. The LA Times speaks for Arab interests, not the US. see Watch Jul 15

The Media is Allied with the Arab Terrorists:

The media is near uniformly allied with the Arab terrorists portraying Israel as the aggressor see Reuters and excusing terror as the work of "militants". see BBC and LA Times (via UJF) Join the Boycott. see boycotters

Lebanese Rockets Rain Down On Israel:

At least 8 are reported dead in rocket attacks on Haifa and other parts of Northern Israel. see JPost, Haaretz, and Arutz

Please Call 1-800-252-9141 and Cancel Your LA Times
and let us know at

Unprovoked Lebanese Attack on Israel - Conflict Widens:

An unprovoked Lebanese attack on Israel has opened a second front in the war on Arab terrorism. see JPost Israel responds and the conflict widens. see FOX, Haaretz, and Arutz

Extremist LA Times Fights for Hamas:

The LA Times propaganda war for Hamas against Israel is back to extremist proportions. Their attacks on Israel have again become daily and shrill. see Watch Jul 12

UN Incapable of Condemning Arab Terrorism:

The UN is so hopelessly dominated by Arab interests that it is incapable of condemning Arab terrorists for indiscriminately targeting Israeli civilians. see Qatar and ADL

To join our email list - write to
and please include an explanation of your interest

Public Anger with the Media is Growing:

The media is coming under increasing public attack, and deservedly so, for repeatedly undermining US anti-terrorism efforts. see AIM and Hardball Join the Boycott. see boycotters

Hamas Chose War... Hamas Got War:

Hamas chose war with Israel, and war with Israel is what it got. see World Tribune, AFP, and Yourish

LA Times Again Sinks To Its Worst:

According to the LA Times Gaza's problems are Israel's fault and defending itself against Hamas helps Hamas. The only question is, which so-called friends of Israel are so lacking in self respect as to buy this PLO garbage? see Watch Jul 5

Please Call 1-800-252-9141 and Cancel Your LA Times
and let us know at

US is Greatly Disserved by its Pro-Terrorist Media:

It wasn't just planes on 9/11 the terrorists hijacked. The US media was hijacked a generation ago. see The Origins Join the Boycott. see Incarnate and boycotters

See Previous Report

Follow the trail of LA Times anti-Israel propaganda at the

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Bob, Beverly Hills, CA
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