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Voting With Your Wallet

Media Mis-Reporting

The Heritage - January 29,1988
The Origins of the Boycott

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July 31, 2007

Know Where Your Charitable Donations Are Going:

The Arabs of Gaza and "the West Bank" support terrorism against Israel see Haaretz but that does not stop some charities from helping them - see Americares, USAID, Save the Children - and some exhibit a distinct anti-Israel bias. see e.g. CARE, Mercy Corps - for more info see PMW, re USAID, JVS

Media's Anti-Semitic Mantra - "Israelis Kill":

"Israelis Kill" is one of the media's anti-semitic mantras - they use it repeatedly - BBC Israelis Kill AP Israelis Kill the LA Times Israeli Airstrikes Kill ABC Israelis Kill That it was in response to PLO terrorists intentionally targeting Israeli civilians with rockets is presented as incidental. see Sderot Speaks

Prosecuting Terror Charges a Difficult Task:

Prosecuting suspects on terror charges is proving to be a difficult task see FOX but the US is hoping to convict the Holy Land Foundation of funding Hamas. see KERA, NY Sun, Newsweek

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Wiesenthal Center Plays Right Into the LA Times' Hands:

The Wiesenthal Center plays right into the LA Times' hands by publishing a response in the paper to their outrageous Hamas Op-Ed. In doing so, they have allowed the LA Times to position them as the opposite extreme. see Watch Jul 24

Controversy Over Israel's PLO Terrorist Prisoners:

Last Friday's release of 255 PLO prisoners has some Israelis incensed. see Arutz, Israel Insider Meanwhile, HBO plans to air a controversial program "Hot House" on prisoners' conditions. see HBO Israeli victims are not pleased by the smiling portrait of the Sbarro bombing murderer. see That Female, Keren Malki

Boycott the LA Times Website Too:

Every time you click on the LA Times website you help contribute to their ad revenues see paragraph 13, so boycott their website too. Most top media articles on Israel are available at UJF, and see Boycotters

Are You Boycotting A Newspaper/Media Outlet?
Please let us know at

Taking the Terrorists to Court:

Israeli victims of PLO terror have won the right to sue the PA. see IMRA And the widow of murdered journalist Daniel Pearl is suing the terrorists and the bank which funded them. see E&P

World Council of Churches Spreads Anti-Israel Propaganda:

The World Council of Churches is engaging in activities that are not religious - spreading anti-Israel propaganda. see WCC Its "Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme On Palestine and Israel" is rabidly anti-Israel. see EAPPI To protest click here

Jewish Population in Judea Increasing:

The Jewish population in Judea is expanding significantly. see JPost And record numbers of Jews are making Aliyah from North America. see Arutz

Stand Up For Israel - Sign The Body Shop Petition

Britain's Growing Anti-Semitism Exposed:

A Channel 4 program exposes the growing anti-semitism in Britain. see Israel Insider

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see also Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

The Golan is Part of Israel:

"For our inheritance has come to us on the east bank of the Jordan"..... from last week's Sidrah Matot (Bamidbar 32:19). see Aish The Golan (Bashan/Gilead) has been a part of Israel since the time of Moses. see Golan Facts, info on supporting the Golan

Throw Out the Hamas Promoting LA Times:

The LA Times gave its Op-Ed columns to Hamas' advocacy of Israel's end (G-D Forbid). see Hamas' Stand, 7/10/07, p. 15 Shame on any Friend of Israel who is buying the openly Hamas terrorist supporting LA Times. Join the Boycott. see Boycotters Letters of condemnation to,, and cc to

Please Call 1-800-252-9141 and Cancel Your LA Times
and let us know at

Virulently Anti-Israel Tracy Wilkinson Still in Jerusalem:

Virulently anti-Israel LA Times reporter Tracy Wilkinson, who was intimately familiar with the most violent PLO terrorists, to the point of boasting on their behalf, see Watch Dec 31 '02, End is now attempting to ingratiate herself with Israel's leaders. see Israel's Most - see also Watch Jul 5 '06, Aug 20 '04, Nov 11 '04

Rooting for Hamas at the LA Times:

As expected, LA Times reporting of Hamas has an advocacy edge to it. But Friends of Israel know it makes no difference whether Hamas or Fatah is in charge. see Watch Jul 8

Boycott the LA Times Website Too:

Every time you click on the LA Times website you help contribute to their ad revenues see paragraph 13, so boycott their website too. Most top media articles on Israel are available at UJF, and see Boycotters

Stand Up For Israel - Sign The Body Shop Petition

Reward for Freeing Hostage - Massive Favorable Publicity:

Israeli hostages are traded for a high price, but other hostages are given away in the knowledge that a complicit western media willingly returns massive favorable publicity. see Petition to Free the Soldiers, Reuters, Guardian, NPR

Getting Around the Media Boycott of Sderot:

Israel Politik brings us the untold story of Sderot - this is the side of the story the media has long boycotted - which is why you should boycott the anti-Israel LA Times, NY Times, TIME Magazine, CNN, etc. see YNET, Israel Reporter, Voting With Your Wallet

(If this video does not play on your computer click here for help)

A Terror Incident in Scotland Adds to Tensions:

Terror in Glasgow adds to the tensions following the foiled car bombings in Central London. see Telegraph, FOX, AP

Please Call 1-800-252-9141 and Cancel Your LA Times
and let us know at

New York Still Needs a Join the Boycott:

  Followers of the NY Times continue to complain of its extreme anti-Israel bias. see BFI, UJF, HR, Snapshots Locals look for an effective protest - New York still needs a Join the Boycott. see NY Needs, Honor Roll

US Media Promoting the Most Extreme Anti-Israel Agenda:

The NY Times and Washington Post follow the LA Times in promoting the most extreme anti-Israel Hamas agenda. see UJ and Tom Gross No friend of Israel should be buying any of these so-called "newspapers". Join the Boycott. see Boycotters

See Previous Report

Follow the trail of LA Times anti-Israel propaganda at the

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Bob, Beverly Hills, CA
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