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Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Sunday April 11, 2004 - page 4 headline
Critics Say Deportations Of Palestinian Suspects Violate Due Process. Israel Says A Balance Has Been Reached Between Safety And Freedom

PLO Terrorists Are The Victims At The LA Times

The terrorists are the victims at the LA Times. In "Rights vs. Security In West Bank" we are subjected to another round of biased talk of "human rights", where only the PLO criminals who plan and prepare suicide bombings have rights but their victims do not. At least that's the impression this article leaves (4/11/04, p.4 - read TEXT).

The Ajouris, accomplices to terror according to Israel (read IDF decree), in this case the sister, Intisar, are a pet project of the LA Times, being members of the PLO group Al Aqsa. Tracy Wilkinson was keen on following their progress. When they were deported, she wrote how Israel had dropped them in the remote "Gaza wilderness". see Watch Sep 5, '02 They appeared again later in a long article on an Israeli-Arab reporter. The LA Times had not a word for the 6 Israeli dead and 40 wounded in the July 17, 2002, Tel Aviv suicide bombings, one of them by her brother Ali Ajouri. see CBS report This article is worth reading as another prime example of the biased use of so-called "human rights" organizations.

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Thursday April 15, 2004 - Editorial, page B14

LA Times Unable To Countenance Support For Israel:

US support for Israel is problematic for the LA Times. Like the rest of the anti-Israel media, their imaginery "peace process" is based on total Israeli capitulation and zero Arab concessions. In an Editorial entitled "A Risky Embrace Of Sharon", the LA Times criticizes Bush's support for Israel's plan to retain certain areas of "the West Bank" having large Israeli populations (4/15/04, p. B14 - read TEXT):

"Using the Gaza withdrawal as a cloak for retaining West Bank settlements adds another daunting roadblock to a peace settlement....Bush´s declaration that "it is unrealistic to expect that the outcome of final status negotiation will be a full and complete return to the armistice lines of 1949" is a radical move for the United States, upending decades of official U.S. policy. If the terms for peace are handed down unilaterally by Israel and backed by the U.S., Palestinians will see little incentive to join any negotiations."

LA Times reporting and Editorials have consistently overlooked the centrality of terrorism to the solution. PLO terrorism against Israel preceded the '67 War and unless defeated will negate any possibility of peace. Their Editorials typically concentrate on Israel's responsibilities and pay lip service to the Arab responsibility to eliminate terrorism. This Editorial is consistent with that trend. At the end, this is all they have to say about ongoing PLO terror:

"The Palestinian-Israeli impasse is about land and a viable state, despite Palestinians´ despicable use of suicide bombers against innocent civilians. Negotiations, as distant as they may appear, offer the only possible path to peace."

In a notable anomaly, this Editorial presents a deceptively softer line than LA Times ongoing reporting suggests, actually supporting President Bush's rejection of the Palestinians' demand for "a right of return":

"Bush was right to praise Sharon´s proposed withdrawal of Israeli settlements from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank and to back his rejection of the Palestinian demand for a "right of return" that would probably spell the end of the Jewish state."

Anyone following LA Times reporting over time knows they publish articles promoting Arab claims even to parts of Israel within the '67 borders. see eg Watch Feb 2 '03 We are not fooled. Please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your LA Times.

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Sunday April 18, 2004 - page 9 headline
Educated In Egypt, Abdelaziz Rantisi Was An Intellectual Force In The Hamas Movement

Assassinating The Truth Is An LA Times Trademark

Coverage of Israel's justified and overdue killing of arch-terrorist Abdelaziz Rantisi was, as expected, overdone and pro-Hamas. Just calling Hamas a "militant" group is distortion enough for a group the US has officially classified as a terrorist organization. But Rantisi was a "leader", not a terrorist, in the view of the LA Times. Their calling him a "political" and "intellectual" figure, and Israel's killing him an "assassination", is an assassination of the truth.

Two days of intensive coverage on Sunday April 18 and Monday April 19 sought to present an image of a man of stature and esteem as opposed to a mass murderer and terrorist. On Sunday it was "Doctor, Strategist, Leader, Target" anything but the truth (4/19/04, p. 9 - read TEXT). Apparently his practice of pediatrics was either very limited or non-existant; he preferred killing children instead.

A brief reference to Hamas' responsibility for "hundreds of Israeli deaths during 42 months of violence" is all the LA Times could muster on the subject of responsibility for the many horrendous acts of murder and mayhem against Israeli civilians that Rantisi "strategized". In the LA Times view, Rantisi was the leader, but Hamas was responsible for the deaths. Anything more is just an Israeli claim. This LA Times coverage was a whitewash of the real Rantisi and his role in war crimes. To get an accurate picture you have to seek more trustworthy sources. see eg 'UN vs. Israel'

In "Israel Kills Hamas Leader" (4/18/04, front page, 10 - read TEXT) and Monday April 20's extra "Throngs Mourn Hamas Leader" (4/18/04, front page, 10 - read TEXT), the LA Times pays unnecessary further homage to him. They use another familiar tactic, that of loudly and repeatedly transmitting Hamas threats through their columns, that when read in total, suggest encouragement of Hamas rather than mere reporting of it. For a full list of these two days coverage - click here

In the war against terrorism, words are weapons, and judged on that basis, Hamas and the LA Times are allies. "Assassination" is the terrorists' choice of word, a word the LA Times cannot seem to repeat enough. This hypocritical paper and much of the Western media used the word "killing" in describing the deaths of Sadam Hussein's sons, Uday and Qusei, who were genuine leaders of Iraq. If their deaths were not assassinations then neither was Rantisi's. Rantisi was a combatant in a war of his choice with Israel. He is to be judged by the rules of war not by the rules of LA Times bias and hypocrisy. Israel was justified in killing him in self-defense.

It was of course, predictable that coverage of this killing would mirror coverage on the killing of arch-terrorist Yassin two weeks ago. That does not remove the disgust supporters of Israel should feel for this "newspaper". see 'Yassin' letter

Please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your LA Times and help spread the word about Join the Boycott.

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Saturday April 24, 2004 - Front page headline
The Premier Says Israel Will No Longer Refrain From Harming Him. The Remarks Could Be A Bid To Win A Party Vote On His Gaza Pullout Plan

More Anti-Israel Politics of "Assassination" From The LA Times

The politics of the word "assassination" are in evidence in this classic piece of anti-Israel propaganda from Laura King. (4/24/05, "Sharon To Bush: Arafat A Target", front page, 10 - read TEXT) It's clear she seeks to hammer Israel over the head with this monumentally inappropriate and hypocritical word at every possible opportunity:

"Throughout more than 3˝ years of conflict, Israel has openly employed a policy of assassinating Palestinians it holds responsible for terrorist attacks, brushing aside international criticism."

Have you seen the LA Times write, "the US is assassinating Al Qaeda leaders it holds responsible for terrorist attacks"? We haven't.

As usual, quotes are selected to suit the LA Times' anti-Israel agenda. Here, a quote from unknown State Department spokesman Adam Ereli is chosen. Why? Because he ascribed use of the word "assassination" to President Bush.

""Our position hasn´t changed," State Department spokesman Adam Ereli said. "President Bush reiterated to Prime Minister Sharon in his meeting with him our opposition to the assassination or exile of Arafat." "

Did President Bush actually use the word "assassination"? We doubt it.

Here's a way the LA Times consistently misrepresents in quoting Israeli military authorities:

"Also Friday, Israel staged a series of raids in the West Bank that the army described as hunts for wanted Palestinian militants."

Israel calls them terrorists. The LA Times substituting the word "militant" is a blatant misstatement of the truth.

And, for the record, one more blatant perversion of the truth from this implacably anti-Israel advocate:

"Palestinians were angered and demoralized by the U.S. endorsement last week of Sharon´s "disengagement" plan, which they say bypasses negotiations on a range of key issues, including the fate of millions of Palestinian refugees who fled or were driven out during Israel´s 1948 war of independence."

"Millions" of Palestinians refugees! There are believed to have been approximately 650,000 by accurate historical counts, less than the number of Jewish refugees expelled from Arab countries. see How Many Refugees? (scroll down) The refugees fled when Arab armies attacked Israel after it declared Independence. In most cases, the local Arab muftis and the invading armies encouraged the refugees to leave. In any event, "millions" is an irresponsible exaggeration.

No supporter of Israel should be buying this anti-Israel newspaper. Please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your LA Times.

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Tuesday April 27, 2004 - Editorial, page B12

US Support For Israel Is "Startling" To The LA Times

It has turned out to be another busy month for JtB addressing just a part of the bias, inaccuracies, exaggerations, and political moves of the rampantly anti-Israel LA Times. In today's Editorial "Bush Must Answer Sharon" (4/27/04, p. B12 - read TEXT) the LA Times makes another classic anti-Israel anti-Sharon and pro-PLO statement on the subject of Sharon's recent threat against Arafat, leader of the PLO terrorist organization. We urge you to read this one if only to understand how thoroughly the LA Times inhabits the PLO universe, to the point of turning all logic on its head.

First, there is the element of smarting in this Editorial over the fact that the White House is supportive of Israel at all:

"Bush had already largely acceded, during Sharon´s visit to Washington last week, to Israel´s latest tactics. Bush praised Sharon´s plan to pull Israeli settlements from the Gaza Strip and accepted rejection of Palestinians´ "right of return" to Israel. But the most startling U.S. move was to bless Sharon´s plan to let large settlements remain on the West Bank, altering the terms of negotiations for a Palestinian state"

The LA Times finds it "startling" that President Bush has supported the notion of Israeli sovereignty over areas of "the West Bank" (historically Judea and Samaria). But the fact is, Israel was never required to return to former 1967 borders under any UN resolution. see Myths and Facts Online Even President Clinton oversaw negotiations between former Prime Minister Barak and Arafat that would have acknowledged Israeli sovereignty over certain of these areas.

Then there is the usual character assassination of Sharon while ignoring Arafat's criminality:

"Sharon´s visceral hatred for Arafat is well known, and the threat has done its damage."

What of Arafat's trully visceral hatred of Sharon, Israel, and the Jewish people? His bloodthirsty war crimes against Israeli men, women and children? His indoctrination of Arab youth and incitement to violence? Not only are these covered up, the LA Times even makes a play for sympathy for the "aging, ailing" Arafat.

The LA Times is not shy about telling the President what to do either. This is their advice to the White House:

"National security advisor Condoleezza Rice responded quickly that the White House opposed killing Arafat. But Bush himself must deliver this message to Sharon."

Perhaps the most disingenuous part of this Editorial is its stated reasoning:

"If Sharon were to kill or try to kill Arafat, Mubarak and other leaders would be hard put to keep a lid on recruitment for jihad against the U.S"

However, on the front page of today's LA Times is the headline "Mosque Targeted In Fallouja Fighting". Now if inflaming Moslem passions was a genuine LA Times concern why would they print such a headline? Isn't that a headline the enemies of America would use? see comment 'The LA Times, Whose Side Are They On?'

This upside down logic is constantly invoked by the LA Times to argue against Israel (and the US) taking action against terrorists. The reality is that Moslem passions are already so inflamed they do not require further motivation to attack us. Since Israel killed Sheikh Yassin and subsequently Rantisi, there has not been the increase in Hamas terrorism the LA Times predicted. The opposite. Hopefully, Hamas will be eradicated completely and soon.

No-one should be buying this hopelessly biased newspaper. Please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your LA Times and let us know at Non-subscribers, please help spread the word about Join the Boycott.

  Tuesday May 4, 2004 - Editorial, page B12

No Concept of Palestinian Responsibility at the LA Times

In today's LA Times Editorial "Sharon Strategy Backfires" (5/4/04, p. B12), you can find anti-settler, anti-Sharon, anti-Israel, and anti-Bush sentiments all rolled into one. "Sharon exacted a high diplomatic price from Bush in April for a pullout" they state in 'Merchant of Venice' fashion. They portray Sharon as having complete control of the process of negotiation. The Editorial as a whole gives the impression that the entire process is the sole responsibility of Israel. And, as usual, the LA Times principal concern is how the Arab world feels about the situation:

"By threatening to break off his visit to Washington Sharon successfully pushed Bush to abandon the long-standing principle that a Palestinian "right of return" and settlements in the West Bank were subjects only for final-status negotiations. Bush's last minute concessions undermined the US standing as an honest broker, prompting Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to declare that "there exists today a hatred [of America] never equaled in the region""

The Palestinian "right of return" is a non-issue (there isn't one). Israel has repeatedly rejected this notion outright and has made its position an explicit part of the so-called Roadmap. see Israel's Reservations ("the resolution of the issue of the refugees will not include their entry into or settlement within the State of Israel") As for "the West Bank", Israel has never been required to withdraw from all of the territory it won in 1967 under UN Resolution 242. see Myths and Facts Online President Bush's position has not differed in any way from any other recent President in these matters.

The LA Times also insists, repeatedly over the last several days coverage, that "Israeli public opinion polls show overwhelming support for removing 7,500 settlers" from Gaza. See similar statements in "Another Test For Israel's 'Mr. Comeback'" (5/2/04, p. 3 - read TEXT) and "Likud Rejects Sharon's Plan To Leave Gaza" (5/3/04, p. 3 - read TEXT). But they have so far failed to identify any specific polls and their "overwhelming" numbers. compare JtB's Poll Results

What you will not find in this Editorial is any mention of Palestinian responsibility to end terrorism. The barbaric cruelty of the PLO terrorists who massacred pregnant mother, Tali Hatuel, and her four little girls, is mentioned, but not for its unacceptability as a tactic of war. Nor for its relevance to how completely untrustworthy the Palestinians are in meeting their obligation to stop terrorism. All the LA Times had to say about it was this:

"The killing Sunday of a pregnant Israeli woman and her four daughters by Palestinian gunmen showed how hazardous Gaza remains"

There is no outrage for the brutality of this war crime. Even the Human Rights group Amnesty International, no friend of Israel's, has condemned it. see AI The term "Palestinian gunmen" is wholly inappropriate for cold-blooded murderers of a woman and her small children. The term is meant to sanitize their crime, even glorify their act. To the LA Times, the act's only significance is to show "how hazardous Gaza remains".

This Editorial is effectively another statement of LA Times support for the Palestinians' policy of ethnic cleansing of Jews from Gaza. That point seems to be lost on them and on the rest of the anti-Israel media. Israel's struggle to find a suitable policy to deal with its detractors does not excuse the inherent wrong in the Palestinian position. The media championed a US war in Bosnia against Serbians who sought to keep Albanians out. But the removal of Jews from Gaza, a part of the Jewish homeland, is not just acceptable to them, in their view it is mandatory.

Don't let them get away with it. You have the power. Please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your LA Times and let us know at Non-subscribers, please help spread the word about Join the Boycott.

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Wednesday May 5, 2004 - Op-Ed, page B12

LA Times Demonizes The Settlers

After whitewashing the barbaric PLO terrorists who massacred Tali Hatuel and her four little girls see above and Israel Insider report the LA Times now turns to demonizing the settlers with a carefully chosen Op-Ed by Uri Avnery, a member of the fringe anti-government anti-settler group Gush Shalom. (5/5/04, p. B13 - read TEXT). Gush Shalom believes in capitulating to Arab demands to end the so-called "occupation" as the road to peace.

As you see from the headline the settler movement is called a "monster". But it gets worse than that. A highlighted quote states "Like the Golem of Jewish Legend, a peril has emerged that confronts its maker. Now the nation itself is endangered." Avnery's article fits into the LA Times ongoing efforts to demonize the settlers for asserting Jewish rights.

The most egregious error in this article is that it paints a false picture of the nature and meaning of the settler movement. Just as the LA Times has been doing for many years, Avenry wrongly portrays Ariel Sharon as director and steward of the settler movement without whom there would be no movement. Such is palpably untrue.

The movement to resettle parts of the Jewish homeland won back in the 67 war started with the Labor Government of Levi Eshkol and continued under the Labor Governments of Golda Meir and Yithak Rabin in the early '70s. see Myths and Facts Online It has continued and strengthened through the years under its own momentum. The return of Jewish residents to parts of Judea and Samaria previously made off-limits by hostile Arab regimes transcends any single person or personality. It is a movement of the Jewish people back to its roots. Portraying Sharon as controller of this movement shows how woefully inaccurate and misguided LA Times coverage of this dramatic and historic story is.

Please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your LA Times and let us know at Non-subscribers, please help spread the word about Join the Boycott.

Update 5/6/04 - "Israel Funded Illegal Outposts, Audit Finds", p. 3 - read TEXT - LA Times attacks on the Jewish residents and communities of "the West Bank" (historically Judea and Samaria) continue. Granted, this story was covered by the Israeli media, but other stories of immediate American interest, such as the Palestinians' failure to cooperate in the investigation of the murder of 3 US security personnel in Gaza see JPost and Palestinian support for the Iraqi insurgents, are ignored. The constant and intensely negative LA Times focus on issues on the PLO agenda, and their boycott of issues on the Israeli agenda, simply shows their anti-Israel bias. see The Techniques of Bias #1

Saturday May 15, 2004
A Challenging Week For The US

The shock of the videotaped Iraqi beheading of American hostage Nick Berg continues to reverberate around the US. It will linger perhaps for several more days, even weeks. It has put the prisoner abuse scandal into somewhat different perspective. Upsetting though the scandal remains for Americans, after watching the savagery and brutality of Nick Berg's beheading, there seems to be a notch less guilt going around.

However, like most of the media, news of the prisoner abuse scandal continues to dominate at the LA Times, which led off today with the headline "Abu Ghraib Guard Paints Harrowing Portrait Of Abuse" (5/14/04, front page). see Why The Big Media Continue To Lose Their Audience

On the news from Israel front, the LA Times continues to promote the myth of "millions of Palestinian refugees" amid reports on the fighting in Gaza. (5/11/04, p. 10 - read TEXT, and 5/15/04, p. 5 - read TEXT) There were only five to seven hundred thousand Arab refugees from Israel's War of Independence in 1948. This is a typical example of the LA Times favoring a term of Arab propaganda in an attempt to wrongly place the burden on Israel. The burden of the surviving Arab refugees and their descendants is that of the Arab countries, just as Israel took care of the eight to nine hundred thousand Jewish refugees expelled from Arab countries after the War of Independence.

The LA Times had published a "correction" on April 29 (p. 2) to a prior claim of "millions" of Palestinian refugees but the May 11 repetition shows its insincerity. An interesting exchange between a boycotter and the LA Times on this subject is at The LA Times and the "Palestinian Refugees"

Don't get mad - get even. Call 1-800-252-9141 and cancel your subscription and let us know at

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Thursday May 20, 2004 - front page headline

How Low Does Journalism Go? Answer - The LA Times

The issue in Rafah is the ongoing PLO arms smuggling through tunnels. see Weapons Smuggling Tunnels in Rafah The Palestinians continue to choose the path of terrorism and war and Rafah tunnels are their major source of weaponry, including mortars, rockets, RPGs, etc. Rockets attacks on Israeli towns, Sderot, Ashkelon, etc., are constant. The Palestinians are trying to smuggle in Strela anti-aircraft missiles to be used against civilian airliners, according to Israeli Justice Minister Yosef Lapid. see JPost This is the reality that demands and justifies Israeli action in Rafah.

The LA Times however has little interest in the facts. They are on the PLO's side. Their coverage over the last few days, both written and in photo displays, has focused public attention almost exclusively on Palestinian suffering. To this point, it has failed to address the arms smuggling issue in any significant and journalistically responsible way. What coverage of arms smuggling there has been, has consisted of short statements starting "Israel says" or "the army said", thus reducing what Israel says to a mere claim. See for example Monday's "Palestinians Flee Israeli Army In Gaza" (5/18/04, p.3 - read TEXT) where all the LA Times had to offer on the issue was this:

"Israel says many of the buildings destroyed thus far served as endpoints for weapons-smuggling tunnels that run beneath the frontier."

That's it. Tuesday's "20 Killed In Gaza Offensive" (5/19/04, p.3 - read TEXT) was similarly one-sided.

Today's report continues in the same vein. Civilian casualties are tragic. Israel has expressed its regret. Israel goes to great lengths to avoid harm to civilians. But at the outset of today's report "Toll Mounts As Israel Presses Gaza Offensive" (5/20/04, front page - read TEXT) the LA Times falsely implies that the Israeli army fired directly at a crowd:

"Israeli forces fired a missile and tank shells toward a large crowd of Palestinian demonstrators in the Rafah refugee camp Wednesday in an attack that witnesses said killed at least eight people and injured dozens more."

The responsibility for civilian casualties lies with the PLO terrorists who use them as shields. It is also possible that the source of the explosions which caused the harm were PLO roadside bombs. But this article assumes Israel is to blame and is laced with strongly worded attacks on Israel only, implying that Israel's move in Rafah is "unacceptable":

"Critics say Israel´s intensive military operations with battlefield weaponry — including tanks, heavy machine guns and combat helicopters — pose an unacceptable risk to civilians inside densely populated Palestinian areas."

This, coming on the same day we in the US unleashed our "intensive military operations" on a group of Iraqis in an Iraqi village, killing 40, five times the number allegedly killed by Israeli action in Gaza. The LA Times report on this incident was second to the Israeli story which was the main front page headline. See "40 Killed In US Attack On Iraqi Border Village" (5/20/04, front page). The US claims that those killed were terrorist arms smugglers, while the Iraqis claim they were villagers celebrating a wedding. see FOX These are remarkably similar circumstances. LA Times criticism of Israel in this situation is contemptible hypocrisy and should be roundly condemned.

President Bush, who had recently seemed more supportive of Israel, has backed away from statements favoring Israeli settlement blocks and rejecting the mythical "right of return" for Palestinians. He has shown a tendency to waver in his support whenever pressured by the Arab side. The failure of the US to veto a UN resolution condemning Israel (5/19/04) for its Gaza operation is a significant disappointment to supporters of Israel. see JPost

In a companion Editorial entitled "A Bloody Mess In Gaza" the LA Times has nothing to offer but a hypocritical lecture to Israel on civilian casualties, delivered in a hectoring tone. (5/20/04, p. B14- read TEXT). And another offensive anti-Israel cartoon by Ramirez completes today's dose of viscious anti-Israel propaganda. see cartoon

The bottom line is that the LA Times is essentially boycotting the real issue, arms smuggling. The legions of foreign journalists swarming all over Israel have the time and resources to investigate and report the truth thoroughly and responsibly. They can easily verify the facts the Israelis are presenting. Their unwillingness to do so is just another technique of anti-Israel bias. The truth is simply not on their political agenda.

There is good journalism, bad journalism, and the LA Times, the lowest of the low. Please call 1-800-252-9141 and cancel your daily dose of PLO propaganda and let us know at Non-subscribers, please help spread the word about Join the Boycott.

Update 5/21/04 - "Israel Expands Its Gaza Offensive: 2 More Palestinians Reported Slain" (5/21/04, p.4 - read TEXT) - this is a continuation of the same one-sided reporting. More exaggerated Palestinian suffering and still no serious attempt to present the issue of arms smuggling and its consequences to Israeli civilians. In a separate article on the conviction of PLO terrorist leader and murderer of five Israelis, Marwan Barghouti, the LA Times portrays him as an innocent hero and a moderate interested in a "negotiated peace". ("Key Palestinian Barghouti Convicted By Israeli Court", 5/21/04, p.3 - read TEXT). Worth reading as a good example of slanted anti-Israel reporting from the "low road" LA Times.

Update 5/22/04 - More of the same. "Israel Reduces Forces in Rafah" (5/22/04, p.3 - read TEXT) is just image bashing of Israel. There is little hard news in this propaganda. It consists mostly of cherry-picked angry quotes from Palestinians and a "leftist [Israeli] lawmaker". It includes an inflammatory appeal to anti-Israel and anti-US sentiments accusing Israel of destroying a zoo leaving behind wounded animals including "a deer with two broken legs and a raccoon with its abdomen split open". Israeli civilians with limbs blown off and abdomens blown open by Palestinian terrorists do not get as sympathetic coverage in the LA Times as Palestinian zoo animals. Meanwhile the Israeli army today uncovered the second of two arms smuggling tunnels discovered since the start of the Rafah operation see JPost1, JPost2, see also BBC report That main story is lost on a propaganda newspaper like the LA Times. Join the Boycott.

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Thursday May 27, 2004 - Editorial, p. B14

Leave Gaza to the Egyptians Says the LA Times

From the LA Times' extensive dossier of futile suggestions comes "Gaza Plan Needs Friends". (5/27/04, p. B14- read TEXT) This latest Editorial suggests that the way for Israel to stop the arms smuggling is to leave Gaza to the Egyptians:

"Israel would be far better off if it relied on an active Egyptian presence in Gaza rather than its own brute force to quash arms smuggling and terrorist attacks."

But the current arms smuggling is taking place from Egyptian territory! The Egyptians have not cooperated in stopping the smuggling depite Israel's many requests to it to do so. The Egyptians are not motivated to curb the activities of PLO terrorists. What a disastrous idea it would be to give the Egyptians even more control over the flow of arms.

A surprisingly out of character pro-Israel cartoon from Ramirez serves to indicate how confused this man is given his typically visceral anti-Israel views as expressed in last week's cartoon. see 5/27 cartoon and 5/20 cartoon Even though the cartoon depicts the hatred and violence of the Arabs of Rafah it still misses the central issue of arms smuggling.

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Friday May 28, 2004 - Op-Ed, p. B15

The LA Times Has The Last Word - And The First - In Anti-Semitism

A devious piece of LA Times anti-semitism. Above an article identifying the act of calling Israel "Nazi" as anti-semitism, is an LA Times illustration doing just that, calling Israel "NAZI" in big block letters. see "NAZI" The "I" of the word "NAZI" spells out "Israel".

Why bring up this subject at all? It is not applicable to Israel in any way, shape or form. It certainly is relevant to the conduct of the PLO who murder Israel's Jewish civilians simply because they are Jewish. But just by bringing up the subject the LA Times plants the idea in the public mind. If there was any justification for an article on this subject there certainly was none for the illustration. It does not add to our understanding of the matter. To the contrary, instead of illustrating the anti-semitism of using the Nazi epithet against Israel, it actually hurls the epithet in our face.

The article itself, "Last Word In Anti-Semitism", is a pro-Israel Op-Ed piece by Walter Reich which analyses the reasons certain people throw the "Nazi" epithet at Israel, and aks us to "understand" that such behavior is an anti-semitic attack on Israel. (5/28/04, p. B15- read TEXT) A point that hardly needs to be expounded. It is unfortunate too that Mr. Reich fails to take the opportunity to clearly condemn the practice as well as "understand" it.

It is also unfortunate that the LA Times has exploited Mr. Reich's meritorious piece for its own ends. This presentation viewed as a whole, is a very cunning form of anti-semitism. JtB condemns the LA Times for its anti-semitism. Coming at a time when we in the US are taking far stronger action with much greater consequence for loss of Iraqi lives, it is consummate hypocrisy for the LA Times to be throwing this extremely offensive slander at Israel.

"Nazi" Epithet Is "The Last Straw" For New LA Times Boycotter

A former LA Times subscriber, Judd, of Irvine, CA, who was already a much disgruntled LA Times reader, decided this was "The Last Straw" and wrote JtB the following email with that title:

Well, I finally "joined the boycott" after seeing today's editorial cartoon of the word "Israel" forming the I of "NAZI" in big block letters. In case that was too subtle, they ran an editorial underneath it that basically says that when people call the Israelis Nazis, we must understand why. I put off canceling in deference to my wife who likes their leftist political viewpoint but I can't abide by this. I called them up and gave them an earful when I canceled. Judd, Irvine, CA

You can read comments from other boycotters of the LA Times and other anti-Israel newspapers on our comments page

JtB congratulates Judd and all the other LA Times boycotters for their principled stand against anti-Israel bias in the LA Times. We call on all subscribers who are supporters of Israel to call the LA Times at 1-800 252-9141 and cancel and please let us know at Non-subscribers, please help spread the word of Join the Boycott.

Together we can bring fairness and justice for Israel back to the media.

Update 6/3/04 - JtB continues to receive angry letters to the LA Times as outrage simmers over their "NAZI" illustration in which the letter "I" spells out "Israel". see e.g. Despite the outcry, 2 of the 3 Letters to the Editor published yesterday, (6/2/04, p. B12), were critical of Israel, 1 was supportive of the author of the accompanying article "Last Word In Anti-Semitism", Walter Reich, and none of them addressed the outrageous illustration. On this date they published one more letter which did address it and accused the LA Times of being anti-semitic (6/3/04, p. B10). This is the LA Times at its manipulative worst. Including this one token letter of criticism sets up the claim, no matter how dishonest, that they are not biased.

Also on this date, the LA Times published a report on the latest developments in Israel omitting the news of Israel's discovery yesterday, of another arms smuggling tunnel in Rafah. (6/3/04, "Amid Bargaining, Sharon Plans Cabinet Vote On Gaza", p.3 - read TEXT) and see JPost Since the LA Times essentially boycotts Israel's issues such as arms smuggling, we must boycott the LA Times.

  Monday June 14, 2004
LA Times Lies Low After "NAZI" Ruckus

No sooner had the sun set on former President Reagan's funeral than the LA Times was back to attacking Israel's security barrier with a picture presentation (Saturday, 6/12/04, p.3) entitled "Anti-Barrier Bloc". The picture allegedly shows Palestinians using a cement divider to protest against the barrier. Overall however, LA Times reporting on Israel has been relatively subdued since the ruckus caused by its May 28 presentation in which it called Israel "NAZI" in big block letters. see "NAZI" and above May 28 It appears the protest of the LA Times coupled with an outpouring of anger in the direction of its principal advertiser, Macy's, has at least had a temporary effect. see e.g. letters of protest - to LA Times, to Macy's

However, this is not a time to be complacent. The lull will likely end soon. It is a time to reinforce the message that supporters of Israel will not buy anti-Israel propaganda masquerading as news. Please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your LA Times and please help spread the word about JtB at

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Saturday June 19, 2004 - Front Page Headline

Is "Radicals" or "Militants" A Suitable Word To Describe The Murderers Of Paul Johnson?

The LA Times front page article "Radicals Kill American in Saudi Arabia" is a report on the latest act of barbarism of the Islamic fanatics of Al Qaeda, the tragic beheading of US worker Paul Johnson (6/19/04, front page, 5 - read TEXT). While some LA Times reporting on the war against Al Qaeda has used the terms "terror", "terrorism" and "terrorists", it has mostly used the pro-terrorist word "militants" in a manner similar to its reporting on Israel. Today's headline is weak, calling the terrorists "radicals" and omitting the word "beheading", and the text of the article refers to them as "militants". Overall, the outrage over this atrocity is understated giving the impression the LA Times is protecting the terrorists from the real fury of the American public. In addition, a prominent article on the Abu Ghraib scandal was inserted directly under this article to imply a linkage (and equivalence) between the two incidents. Perhaps the LA Times forgot that the beheading of the first such victim, Daniel Pearl, occurred long before Abu Ghraib.

Is "radicals" or "militants" a suitable word to describe the murderers of Paul Johnson, Nick Berg, and Daniel Pearl? The LA Times thinks so. We think not. If you agree with us, please call 1-800-252-9141 and cancel your subscription to the LA Times. Non-subscribers, please let all your friends know about JtB at

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Sunday June 20, 2004 - Front Page Headline
An Exhibition That Includes Allegations Of Improper Conduct Sparks Controversy

LA Times Shows The Depth Of Its Animosity Towards Israel

While the title claims to report on animosity "all around" in Hebron, the vast majority of this nasty anti-Israel piece, about a politically charged photo exhibition, is devoted to accusing Israeli soldiers of mistreating Arabs. (6/20/04, p. 3 - read TEXT). It is just another creative attack on Israel questioning the "moral dimension of serving in the West Bank and Gaza Strip". We recommend reading this one simply because of the blatancy of its bias. Here's just a taste:

"One soldier recalls watching three colleagues pose with a pair of slain Palestinian gunmen whose bodies were propped up for the snapshot. Another talks of blocking an Arab bride and family members, in formal dress, from driving to her wedding — sending the party home for no reason. Several soldiers describe feeling drunk with power."

"One photograph shows a group of Jewish boys ripping bricks from a Palestinian´s abandoned home. Others show adult settlers ambling with assault weapons. Several images focus on the anti-Arab messages painted on doors and walls. "Arabs to the Gas Chambers," one reads in English. "Kill the Arabs," says another, in Hebrew."

Far from showing Israeli animosity in Hebron this piece shows the depths of LA Times animosity towards Israel. There is no attempt to present Israel's side of the story in any of these alleged incidents. Note the reference to "gas chambers" - another anti-semitic attempt to smear Israel with the "NAZI" label. see LA Times Calls Israel "NAZI" Added to this highly inflammatory and one-sided diatribe is a picture showing some of the exhibited photographs, carefully selected and framed to further inflame anti-Israel passions. As a token afterthought there is a single paragraph on Arab violence recalling the murder of 10 month old Shalhevet Pass in 2001 and the 1929 Arab massacre of Hebron's Jewish residents. Other than that, the article is outright character assassination and an attempt to undermine Israeli resolve.

The UC Irvine Graduation Controversy

In another article on this date in the Local B Section, the LA Times reported on the controversy over Muslim students wearing green sashes glorifying suicide bombers at their graduation. (6/20/04, "A Political Yet Peaceful Graduation At UC Irvine", p. B5). Incredibly, neither this article nor yesterday's article on the subject (6/19/04, "UCI Graduation Controversy Overblown, Muslim Students Say", p. B6 - read TEXT) addressed the core issue that the sashes bear the word "Shehada" which is a word glorifying suicide bombers. In contrast, this controversy was accurately reported on O'Reilly last week (see Fox News) and a local protest of UCI has been organized. see StandWithUs A picture of StandWithUs representatives talking to a student representative of the Muslim Students Union, appeared with today's article.

Boycott Of The LA Times Website

An article that apparently appeared only on the LA Times website did mention the "Shehada" controversy. That article is available at United Jerusalem, a pro-Israel website ("Disputed Stoles OK'd By UC Irvine" - read TEXT). JtB boycotts the LA Times website since every hit on it enriches them by helping to generate advertising revenues. There are no links to the LA Times at JtB. We ask all supporters of Israel to boycott the LA Times website and to remove links to it from their websites and substitute our website in its place.

An LA Times credit to report. An interesting piece on a local pilot, Robert F. Maguire Jr., who helped conduct Operation Magic Carpet, the airlift of Yemenite Jewish refugees to Israel in 1949. (6/20/04, "Jews Discover An Unsung Hero", p. B2 - read TEXT) He was recently honored by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The occasional token benign interest piece only serves to highlight the degree of bias of this viscerally anti-Israel newspaper.

Subscribers, please call 1-800-252-9141 and cancel your anti-Israel and anti-semitic LA Times. Non-subscribers, please let all your friends know about Join the Boycott at

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Tuesday June 22, 2004 - page C2 headline
The Move Which Affects Both Business And Editorial Operations Follows Lower Than Expected Ad Revenues

On Job Cuts....

"Los Angeles Times Cuts About 160 Jobs" looks to be an attempt at damage control. It was in today's Business Section of the paper and was authored by "a Times Staff Writer" (6/22/04, p. C2 - read TEXT). It informs us that about 60 reporting jobs and about 100 business operations jobs will be lost. It does not elaborate on the reason for the cuts, the "lower than expected ad revenues". Since news of the cuts had already reached the media (see Ad Revenue Shortfall), the LA Times may have decided that announcing these details was the best way to avoid damaging speculation by others.

....And Inflated Circulation Numbers

The LA Times also announced that Tribune, the parent company, has found inflated circulation numbers at two of its newspapers, and is reviewing circulation accounting procedures at all of its papers including the LA Times:

"Tribune said Monday that it was conducting a review of circulation practices at all of its newspapers, including the Times, after finding inflated sales figures at two of its publications; Newsday based in Melville, NY on Long Island and the Spanish language daily Hoy."

JtB has received several complaints from subscribers who have canceled their paper and say the LA Times continues to deliver it. One boycotter reported still receiving the paper two years after canceling! Last year a boycotter was incensed when she canceled and the LA Times kept sending it to her despite her several calls to them to stop. see The Meaning Of "Stop Sending Me The LA Times" Continuing to deliver is a way a newspaper can pad its circulation numbers.

Please Write To Macy's

Advertisers have an important role to play in bringing fairness and justice to the media. JtB recently organized a protest campaign to Macy's, the principal LA Times advertiser. We strongly urge everyone who has not yet done so, to write to Macy's to protest the agenda driven, biased reporting of the LA Times. see Macy's contact form

The boycott is growing. Please call 1-800-252-9141 and cancel your LA Times and please help spread the word about Join the Boycott at

Click here for the full text of this article from United Jerusalem Wednesday June 23, 2004 - Editorial, page B13

UCI Students Bore Same Phrase As That Glorifying The Beheaders of Kim Sun-il

This LA Times Editorial discusses the UC Irvine graduation controversy in which Moslem students wore green sashes honoring suicide bombers (6/23/04, page B13 - read TEXT). It is the third time the LA Times has reported on this subject. We commented on the two previous times on June 20 above. In all three articles the LA Times omitted the CORE ISSUE that the phrase on the sashes contains the word "Shehada", the word used for suicide bomber.

As the Editorial points out, the phrase does have a religious meaning "there is no G-D but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger". However, there was no specific reason to bear this phrase at the graduation other than to make a political statement. That statement is one of identification with the most radically violent elements of Islamic terrorism.

That identification of the students with violent terrorism came dramatically into focus today. The phrase the students wore on their sashes is the same phrase as the one on the flag in the picture of the terrorists about to behead Korean, Kim Sun-il - see the 13th paragraph of "South Korean Held In Iraq is Beheaded" (6/23/04, front page, 10 - read TEXT). That picture appeared on the front page of today's LA Times and in many other media outlets.

Yet this LA Times Editorial defends the sashes claiming "Only Muslims were called on to explain or defend their symbols, though students at the Irvine commencement commonly wear all manner of costumes and sashes, some with deep cultural meaning, others meant for a laugh."

Terrorism is not a laughing matter. It appears that radically violent Islamic terrorists and their supporters are using the "Shehada" phrase as their calling card and the LA Times is ignoring the connection. This Editorial is a whitewash.

Please call 1-800-252-9141 and cancel your subscription to the LA Times. Non-subscribers, please let all your friends know about Join the Boycott at

  Monday June 28, 2004
Bias - An Equal Opportunity Offender

JtB has received several requests from politically directed groups for an exchange of links and is disposed to do so in order to publicize the bias debate. However, it is not our aim to involve ourselves in partisan politics. Consequently we have, as a general rule, declined such requests. It is important to remember that bias is an equal opportunity offender. Whether Liberal or Conservative, a media that seeks to manipulate the populace rather than inform it, is a disservice to all. see Watch Mar 28 '04 No newspaper proves that point more clearly than the LA Times.

Join the Boycott

Boycotters know that the way to combat bias is simply to not support it. At a time when propaganda has been elevated to a Hollywood art form (Michael Moore's "Farenheit 9/11" see Moore Distortions) boycotts are about to assume far greater prominence in US politics and lifestyle. If you are upset with your newspaper, cancel it. If you object to Michael Moore's interference in the electoral process, pass it up. LA Times subscriber? Please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your paper and please help spread the word about Join the Boycott at


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