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Media Mis-Reporting

The Heritage - January 29,1988
The Origins of the Boycott

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March 31, 2007

Rare Israeli Viewpoint Only if you Help LA Times Revenues:

An op-ed response by Judea Pearl to the latest anti-Israel Makdisi rant, was offered online only, showing that you will get a rare Israeli viewpoint only if you are prepared to help generate LA Times revenues. see Watch Mar 31

Trader Joe's Disappears From List of KPFK Supporters:

Trader Joe's disappears from the 2007 list of supporters of the extremist anti-Israel KPFK, a welcome development, but TJ's long term support of KPFK is noted. see 2006 list Among those still on the list - Whole Foods. see latest KPFK Supporters list

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LA Times Editorial Page Editor Resigns:

Andres Martinez, editor of the LA Times Editorial page, which has included a number of rants by anti-Israel extremists like Saree Makdisi, has resigned over a conflicts issue regarding a guest editor. see E&P, LA Times Watch

Gelson's Dissociates from KPFK - Gelson's Action Over:

Gelson's has posted a statement on its website dissociating itself from KPFK and explaining its actions. see Gelson's Join the Boycott commends Gelson's for its response and thanks all protesters who helped make this happen. The Gelson's action is over.

LA's KPFK Radio - A PLO Propaganda Outlet:


KPFK, an obscure radio station in North Hollywood, CA, is broadcasting PLO propaganda with its "Radio Intifada" and "Uprising" programs. Use of the name "Intifada" in itself indicates KPFK's support for PLO terrorism. The programs are a vehicle for disseminating extreme anti-Israel rhetoric in rants about Israeli "massacres" and "the pro-Israel lobby",

.and offer speakers such as Norman Finkelstein and Dr. Ilan Pappe, noted
.anti-Israel antagonists, as authorities on Israel. Please address comments and CC - photo JtB

Stand Up For Israel - Sign The Body Shop Petition

Brandeis Omits the Stats on Post-Carter Donations:

Brandeis disputes evidence of a downturn in donations after its Carter visit, but can not offer the stats to back that claim. see Justice, JWeek, FP JtB supports the call to donors to withhold from campuses hosting the anti-Israel Carter. see Pipes, ZOA

Gelson's Has its Name Removed from KPFK Website:

Gelson's has had its name removed from the extremist anti-Israel KPFK's website. see latest KPFK list This is a very positive development. Gelson's also tells Join the Boycott it will make further efforts to restore its customers' confidence in the company. see initial response

Self-Defeating Peace Now Report Ripped Apart:

Peace Now's politically self-defeating report on settlements was ripped apart by the IDF as full of inaccuracies. see JPost The anti-Israel media twists it into a PLO spin. see Reuters, UPI

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Gelson's Responds to Protests Over its KPFK Donation:

Click here to follow developments in the protest against Gelson's support of KPFK, Broadcaster of "Radio Intifada"

Gelson's, the popular market chain with a significant Jewish customer base has admitted it donated food and beverages worth "hundreds of dollars" to the extremist anti-Israel radio station KPFK, broadcaster of "Radio Intifada". Gelson's CEO Bernard Briskin says it was a mistake and has made some efforts to allay customers' concerns see first response and has promised more. Gelson's has also had its name removed from the list of supporters of KPFK's fund raising efforts. see latest KPFK supporters list Friends of Israel are urged to follow ongoing developments here at JtB and to judge Gelson's on its full response - above, Gelson's in Valley Village, CA - photo JtB

Who Does the Anti-Israel LA Times Think it is Kidding?:

Publishing extremist Makdisi's "In The War Of Words, The Times Is Israel's Ally" is another underhand LA Times attempt to cover its anti-Israel bias. see Watch, Makdisi (3/11/07, p. M2) Who do those "militants" loving PLO propagandist bums at the LA Times think they are kidding? Join the boycott. see Boycotters

Shaare Zedek - Helping to Heal the Wounds of a Nation:

Israel's hospitals perform heroic work on the front line of the war against terrorism. One of them is Shaare Zedek. Here is a moving tribute to their work. see video (sound on), Shaare Zedek

Stand Up For Israel - Sign The Body Shop Petition

An Openly Terrorist PLO "Government":

Israel finds itself facing an openly terrorist PLO "government" in its own back yard. see JPost, Arutz The US is also disturbed. see JPost, Haaretz, YNET But AP puts a pro-PLO spin on it. see AP

LA's KPFK Radio - A PLO Propaganda Outlet:

There isn't even a pretense of balance on Israel at KPFK, LA's home of "Radio Intifada". hear RI (sound on), RI webpage Use of the name "Intifada" alone demonstrates its support of terrorism. Please send letters of protest to

US Slams the Anti-Israel UN Human Rights Council:

The US is refusing to seek a seat on the UN Human Rights Council citing its repeated attacks on Israel. see AP, EyeOnTheUN

Stand Up For Israel - Sign The Body Shop Petition

Wonderful Ways of Discovering Israel:

Click here for more great pictures of Israel

The waterfalls at Banias beneath The Golan Heights - photo by Leiah

There are many ways to discover Israel, but here are three that stand out. see Israel Study, VFI, Birthright

Demand Firing of UN's Anti-Israel John Dugard:

Friends of Israel are demanding the UN fire representative John Dugard who has shown hatred for Israel in his reports. see ADL, Bayesfsky, Dugard's Report, FPM Write to the UN to demand Dugard's ouster at and cc

Happy Purim 5767:

  A Happy Purim from Join the Boycott to all our friends and visitors and some lessons for Purim 5767. see, Aish

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Boycott the LA Times Website Too:

Every time you click on the LA Times website you help contribute to their ad revenues see paragraph 13, so boycott their website too. Most of the major media articles on Israel are available at UJF, and see Boycotters

Another Megadose of LA Times Distortions:

An article on the plight of Gaza evacuees is filled with gross distortions denigrating Jewish rights. see Watch Feb 26

Israel Concerned Over Syrian Intentions:

Israel is voicing concern over Syria's intentions following a buildup of Syrian forces. see JPost, JTA

Please Call 1-800-252-9141 and Cancel Your LA Times
and let us know at

In a Relatively Slow Week the LA Times Finds Malice:

"Arabs Say Israel Is Not Just For Jews" is a classic example of LA Times reporting for no reason other than to foment trouble in Israel. see Arabs Join the Boycott. see Boycotters

Gelson's Listed As Supporter of Anti-Israel KPFK Radio:

Gelson's is listed as providing food support to KPFK radio, host of "Radio Intifada" and its extreme anti-Israel agenda. see Radio Intifada, KPFK supporters (look for Gelson's), Upcoming To send a protest to Gelson's click here and/or call (818) 985-2711.

Only Israel Has Obligations According to the LA Times:

The LA Times pressures Israel on "opening the Gaza Strip to the outside world" while dismissing "occasional" PLO terror. see Watch Feb 20

Stand Up For Israel - Sign The Body Shop Petition

White House Call-In Campaign To Free Jonathan Pollard:

Click here for details of the Nationwide White House Call-In for Jonathan Pollard   Jonathan Pollard's continued incarceration - he is now serving his 22nd year - is a gross injustice. see Pollard He has paid tenfold for his crime. Agudath Israel and Young Israel are asking all persons of good conscience to call The White House at 202-456-1111 daily between now and Pesach to urge President Bush to set him free. see Nationwide Call-In The organizers suggest you ask "set Jonathan Pollard free and send him home to Israel; and America will reap the rewards of True Justice", or better still, make up your own message. For further info please write to

See Previous Report

Follow the trail of LA Times anti-Israel propaganda at the

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Bob, Beverly Hills, CA
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