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February 28, 2006

UAE Boycott of Israel A Factor in Ports Deal:

The UAE's support of the Arab economic boycott of Israel is a factor in the ports deal. see Washington Times and FOX

35,000 Signatures And Counting:

Click here to sign the Petition To Revoke The "Paradise Now" Nomination
The Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, CA, gets set to host the Academy Awards on March 5. This year's nominations include Spielberg's disliked anti-Israel "Munich" see Aish, a domestic flop, and "Paradise Now", a glorification of PLO suicide bombers, which has earned a paltry $1.3million. see Reuters and Box Office Meanwhile, over 35,000 people have signed a Petition to Revoke The "Paradise Now" Nomination. see Petition - photo JtB

Stand Up For Israel - Sign The Body Shop Petition

The Sin of Encouraging Hamas:

"On Hamas, Patience" urges the LA Times which considers their leader "a moderate" and Israel's withholding $50million from them "a step in the wrong direction". see Watch Feb 27

Stop Buying Anti-Israel Newspapers:

Just complaining about anti-Israel media achieves little. Cancelling your subscription moves mountains. LAT Circulation, Take effective action. Join the Boycott.

The Worst of LA Times Manipulations:

"Palestinians Are Being Robbed By Israel" says an LA Times Op-Ed. As cover for its anti-Israel extremism, the LA Times also reports an anti-semitic atrocity in France. see Watch Feb 21

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Extremism at Georgetown PSM Conference as Expected:

Reports of Georgetown's PSM Conference tell of anti-Israel extremism and support for terror. see JTA and Terror

UAE Ports Deal Gets Close Scrutiny:

The UAE ports deal is being closely scrutinized to assess the security risks involved. see JPost, FOX, and Yahoo-AP

Wildness of Iran and Hamas Spurs Action.. and CBS Bias:

Israel and the US take measures to counter the increasing wildness of Iran and Hamas. see JPost, Fox, and UPI But the CBS headline "Israel Halts Payments To Palestine" shows its bias for Hamas. see CBS Letters of protest to and CC to

Have something to say? Please use our Talk about Israel with other visitors to Join the Boycott on the Message Board

LA Times Incites Against the Wiesenthal Center:

  The LA Times reported incendiary Arab accusations against the Wiesenthal Center on its front page, invoking the name of "the prophet Muhammad", in an effort to exploit already inflamed emotions. see Watch Feb 16

More Massive TV Advertising Fails to Boost "Munich":

More massive TV advertising and an Oscar nomination from a politically anti-Israel Hollywood, fails to boost "Munich" at the US box office. see Box Office (#20 in list) But the movie fares better in a more anti-Israel Europe. see Mojo and Munich

Petition On Fire - Revoke "Paradise Now" Nomination:

Click here to sign the Revoke the "Paradise Now" Oscar Nomination Petition

A petition protesting the Oscar Nomination of "Paradise Now", a movie glorifying PLO suicide bombers, has caught fire and is unifying opposition to PLO propaganda. Please sign - see Petition

Are You Boycotting A Newspaper/Media Outlet?
Please let us know at

The Chicago Tribune and The Sound of Boycott:

A Chicago Tribune Editor, Don Wycliff, wrote an anti-Israel column and a subscriber threatened to cancel see Am. Thinker and persuade others "to also do so". Wycliff's departure from the Tribune was announced shortly after. see letter and E&P

Cartoons - US Media Terrorized and Afraid to Admit It:

The media, including the LA Times, has been talking about the Mohammed cartoons for a week, but has been terrified to print them... and afraid to admit it. see Okie, Globe, and E&P

Hollywood's Anti-Israel Politics:

Click here to sign The Revoke The "Paradise Now" Oscar Nomination Petition   Despite public disinterest in anti-Israel movies "Munich" and "Paradise Now", Hollywood has given them Oscar nominations. see Nominees and Reuters To protest the Oscars click here and petition

Stand Up For Israel - Sign The Body Shop Petition

Criticism of Georgetown U. Terror Conference Intensifies:

Criticism of Georgetown U. intensifies after it accepts Saudi Prince Alwaleed's $20 million gift and as it prepares to host the conference of the extremist PSM. see Georgetown, SISM, AAH, Yale Letters of protest to Georgetown President John DeGioia and CC - see sample

JtB urges all donors to Georgetown U. to withhold support unless Georgetown cancels and returns the Prince's money.

New York Needs a Join the Boycott:

  The NY Times whitewashes Hamas in a fawning report on the way the terrorists treat women. see UJF and Front Page With the recent loss of the NY Times Protest, New York needs a Join the Boycott.
see the latest and Honor Roll

LA Times Free PR Campaign For Hamas in Full Swing:

The LA Times is doing a great job boosting Hamas, as its free PR campaign for them gets into full swing. see Watch Feb 7

New York Times Subscribers - Join the Boycott
Please Cancel and Let us Know at

Amona - Bashing Skulls is Not the Way:

Amona protesters demand an inquiry into police brutality.
see Arutz, JPost, and Hashkafah Among the many injured, a 15 year old has severe head wounds. see Arutz video and Land Of Israel video

Arab Anger... and Hypocrisy:

Leaders seek to calm rising Arab anger over the Mohammed cartoons. see FOX Meanwhile anti-Jewish cartoons in the Arab press are worse. see PMW and HR

More Box Office Blues For "Munich":

Spielberg may be feeling those box office blues again after "Munich" hung at a lowly 16th in the weekend ratings with a mere $1.6M take. Box Office The $75M movie has grossed just over $43M in 7 weeks. "Munich" has been widely criticized for its overly sympathetic treatment of terrorism and its lack of moral clarity. Aish, WSJ, Am. Thinker, The Spielberg Massacre Many chose to boycott it. In contrast, the anti-Israel media like the LA Times loved this movie. LAT Watch Jan 23 JtB thanks all those who resisted the lure of Spielberg and gave "Munich" a deserved thumbs-down. To comment on the movie click here JtB urges you not to pay to see it. protest info At left, Laemmle's Sunset 5 in Hollywood, CA, has better choices - photo JtB

Have something to say? Please use our Talk about Israel with other visitors to Join the Boycott on the Message Board

LA Times Misleading the Public about Hamas:

The LA Times is again trying to mislead the public regarding Hamas involvement in terrorism. see Watch Feb 2 and Letter to LA Times

Violent Amona Evacuation Leaves Over 200 Injured:

Israel continues to sacrifice itself for the sake of others with the violent evacuation of the residents of Amona. see JPost, Arutz, Haaretz, Israel Insider, and The Unexplained

See Previous Report

Follow the trail of LA Times anti-Israel propaganda at the

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Bob, Beverly Hills, CA
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