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Voting With Your Wallet

Media Mis-Reporting

The Heritage - January 29,1988
The Origins of the Boycott

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February 28, 2005

WCC Blasted for Anti-Israel Divestment Initiative:

Jewish groups blast The World Council of Churches (WCC) recommendation to divest from certain companies doing business in Israel. see SWC, ADL, and WCC To protest the WCC's action see feedback

LA Times Whitewashes Palestinian Criminality:

"Attack Shatters Calm In The Mideast" says the LA Times whitewashing Palestinian responsibility for their criminal acts of terrorism. see Watch Feb 26

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Syria Feels the Heat of International Disapproval:

The US and others ratchet up the heat on Syria following its troublemaking in Lebanon, Iraq, and Israel. see FOX and JTA

Click here to check out the Californians For Israel group New Group for Californians Who Support Israel:

A new online group gives Californians the opportunity to share local information related to Israel. To post a message with Californians For Israel join up at Californians For Israel

The LA Times Espouses the Arafat Doctrine:

The LA Times subtly overlooks the Palestinian obligation to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure while pressuring Israel on withdrawal. see Watch Feb 22

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Click here to read an example of a  letter to the Los Angeles Times protesting their blatant anti-Israel bias - note also the list of email addresses to send to Writing in Protest to the LA Times:

Canceling a subscription is the most powerful protest. JtB recommends letters to the LA Times only as a supplement to boycott, not as a substitute for it. see Letter to LA Times Please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel. Emails to

Israel Stops The One-Way Concessions:

An angry Israel reacts to the PLO suicide bombing in Tel Aviv by halting its one-way concessions. see JPost

Palestinian Terrorism Blows the "Truce" Apart:

A PLO suicide bomber kills at least 5 in Tel Aviv exposing Palestinian duplicity over the "truce". Fox latest

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A One-Way Series of Israeli Concessions:

Withdrawals, removal of checkpoints, uprooting Jewish communities, prisoner releases, etc. It's the predictable one-way series of Israeli concessions and Palestinians taking advantage. see Arutz, JPost and Watch Feb 22

Still Talk of a Referendum on Disengagement:

Netanyahu is predicting a referendum on disengagement. see JPost Should there be one? click here to comment

"Expelled", "Evacuated", or "Evicted"?

Are Gaza settlers being expelled, evacuated, or evicted? Understandably irate Gaza residents say expelled. The LA Times says evicted. see Watch Feb 21 and Katif movie (sound on)

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TIME Magazine Expresses Media's Collusion with PLO:

TIME Magazine expresses the collusion of the anti-Israel media as a whole in saying "Abbas has cracked down on militants" (2/21/05, p. 26). see Time Inc. This is not so. see Arutz Letters of protest to, CC

Abbas Refuses to Crack Down on Terrorists:

Contrary to Time Magazine's claim "Abbas made it clear that he will not use force against fellow Palestinians to halt terror attacks against Israel". see Assessment JtB recommends boycotting Time Magazine, a long-time detractor of Israel. See Sharon v. Time

The LA Times and Israel - A Determination to Distort:

When it comes to Israel, the LA Times is not concerned with the truth, but with pushing a PLO agenda - Watch Feb 5 A letter from Lou, a boycotter, to the LA Times:

Subject: Once Again Is More Real Than Never Again

In Laura's inaccurate quote
"In the wake of Aqaba, as Palestinian suicide attacks continued, the Israeli leader chipped away steadily at Abbas standing by refusing to grant concessions that would have given him much-needed credibility among his people"
She misrepresents the fact, even reported earlier in the times, that Israel did release over 300 prisoners and removed a number of roadblocks and withdrew from Bethlehem. It is also true that a number of these released prisoners were involved in terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians before and after their release.
It would certainly reassure readers of the times and laura's working within journalistic integrity if occasionally facts were presented when discussing middle east situations. As usual it is expected this error, as are the daily distortions and gross misrepresentation of laura, will be ignored.
How about a thimble of truth and balance.
Lou, Santa Monica, Ca

Call 1-800-252-9141 and Cancel Your LA Times
and let us know at

Boycott the LA Times Website Too:

The LA Times website is part of the boycott since every hit helps generate their ad revenues. see par. 13 You can read the text of articles from most major US and international media outlets at UJF and see About Us

CNN Feels the Power of the Bloggers:

The resignation of Eason Jordan, head of the anti-Israel CNN, is credited to bloggers. He suggested the US military deliberately targeted journalists. see Bloggers and Easongate

Syria and Iran Announce an Alliance:

Syria and Iran announce an alliance to resist growing US and international pressure. see FOX and JPost

Make A Stand For Israel - Sign The Body Shop Petition

Columbia Alumni Consider Withholding Donations:

Reacting to the anti-Israel bias on the Columbia U Campus exposed in the documentary Columbia Unbecoming, alumni are considering withholding donations. see Campus-Watch JtB supports the protest and encourages alumni to do so.

US Recalls Ambassador to Syria:

After the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri, the US recalls its ambassador to Syria. see Fox latest

Knesset Passes Gaza Disengagement Plan:

The disengagement plan passed an important step when the Knesset voted to approve it. see JPost latest and Arutz

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Palestinian Mortars Make a Mockery of the "Cease-Fire"...

A barrage of Palestinian mortars hits Gush Katif making a mockery of the "cease-fire". see JPost latest and Arutz

...But the LA Times Implies Israel is to Blame:

The LA Times tailors the facts to imply Israel is to blame and omits the details that a Palestinian shot by Israel had approached a security fence in a restricted area. see JPost

"A Palestinian man died after he was wounded by what the Israeli army said were warning shots fired from a Jewish settlement in Gaza.
Early today, the military wing of Hamas said it had fired more than two dozen mortar shells and Kassam rockets at Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip in retaliation. No injuries were immediately reported. The violence was the first test for the truce announced Tuesday." LA Times, 2/10/05, p. 3 -
read TEXT
see Watch Feb 10

CAMERA Makes Progress With MOMA's Film Festival:

NY's Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) has added the highly regarded Decryptage to its skewed anti-Israel film festival after a CAMERA led protest. see CAMERA But the program is still political and biased against Israel. see MOMA

Call 1-800-252-9141 and Cancel Your LA Times
and let us know at

Momentum for Referendum on Disengagement Builds:

Despite the Sharm-El-Sheikh conference, momentum for a referendum on disengagement continues to build see Fox and JPost Should there be one? click here to comment and see UCI

LA Times Continues to Distort the Record:

A newspaper that denies Israel's noble record of 2 years ago is not far from denying the Holocaust altogether, G-D Forbid. see Watch Feb 9

Cease-Fire Declaration is Met With Hope and Skepticism:

Another agreement with the PLO to "cease-fire" is met with hope and well-justified skepticism. see Fox latest, Arutz, and JPost

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LA Times Lies Promote Uncompromising PLO Demands:

LA Times lies and distortions promote uncompromising PLO demands for a prisoner release. see Watch Feb 5

Support for Referendum on Disengagement Grows:

The settlers demand for a referendum on disengagement is supported by Israel's biggest daily. see Israel Insider Legislators are discussing it. see JPost Should there be one? see UCI and click here to comment

A 'Fragile and Imaginary' Calm:

PLO terrorism continues unabated while politicians and the media pretend otherwise. see JPost latest and "historic opportunity"

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Israel to Up Ethiopian Immigration:

Israel has decided it will bring all 20,000 remaining Falasha Mura in Ethiopia to Israel. see JTA and NACOEJ

President Delivers Upbeat Address:

President Bush gave an upbeat State of the Union Address which included criticism of Syria and Iran but promised $350 million to the PA. see Yahoo News, JTA, and JPost

See Previous Report

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"I have canceled the San Diego Union Tribune for their consistent anti-Israel view and reporting."  
Michelle, San Diego, CA

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