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Protesting Anti-Israel Propaganda in the Los Angeles Times and Beyond

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Help Spread the Word about the Boycott of the Anti-Israel Media:

The anti-Israel media boycotts Israel's side of the story so boycott the anti-Israel media. Anger is high over the destructive role of the corrupt anti-Israel NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, TIME, CNN, NPR, BBC, etc. At an Israel support rally in Los Angeles, many participants were eager to show support for JtB's boycott message. We need you to help spread the word. Fight back against corrupt anti-Israel media by copying any of the below JtB boycott messages, and taking your selfie displaying the message, and posting the picture on social media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., and include our Twitter feed @JointheBoycott and/or our website Please also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We also urge you to cancel your paper or electronic subscriptions. Let them know it's because of their anti-Israel propaganda and let us know you did so at And thank you for all your support. 11/10/15

Boycott All Links to Anti-Israel Media:

The anti-Israel media are desperate to get you to follow them online. The NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine, CNN, etc. now earn considerable income from companies that advertise on their websites. Every time you visit their website or click on a link to their website you are helping contribute to those ad revenues. Refuse to click or send out any link to anti-Israel media. Join the Boycott of the anti-Israel media- see Honor Roll. To join our email list please write to and put SUBSCRIBE in the subject line and tell us in one sentence or two (literally) why you support Israel. 10/27/15

Corrupt Anti-Israel Media Stole Democracy from the People:

The corrupt anti-Israel media elected Barack Obama. To do so they had to destroy Hilary Clinton along the way and hide evidence of Obama's radical anti-Israel politics (including his infamous honoring of PLO radical Khalidi at a 2003 Chicago dinner). After 7 years of Obama the betrayer have proved disastrous for the US-Israel friendship, the media have decided that Hilary will be the next President and carry on an extreme anti-Israel agenda. To do that, this time the media will destroy anyone who gets in her way. Gone is the controversy about her wiping her hard drive while it was under subpoena and her flippant response ("like with a cloth"), an act as yet unprosecuted for unexplained reasons. Clinton's turnaround illustrates the media's power to destroy and their power to build up. Their manipulation of public opinion is down to a fine science. Democracy of the people is an illusion. They have stolen democracy from the people and they're not about to give it back any time soon.

The public's only leverage over the media is boycott. We urge you to cancel your paper or electronic subscriptions to corrupt anti-Israel media like NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, and TIME, and boycott CNN and NPR. Let them know it's because of anti-Israel bias and let us know at 11/4/15

Condemn Anti-Israel Media Complicity in PLO Terrorism:

The destructive anti-Israel media, including the NY Times, LA Times, CNN, BBC, NPR, mainstream media, etc., is stoking the conflict in Israel. Social media too is playing an active role in incitement. Despite an Abbas organized and sustained campaign of plo terrorist violence against Israelis, stabbings, shootings, car rammings, anything to cause death to Israelis, extremist antisemitic papers like the LA Times outrageously continue to portray Israel as the aggressor! It is the anti-Israel media not the plo which comes up with unique anti-Israel arguments like "collective punishment" and "disproportionate force". Israel's answers to these arguments is that plo terrorism is a collective crime, and the proportionate force against plo terrorism is that force that will end it.

A headline in the LA Times "Abbas Condemns Attack on Shrine" (10/17/15) on the plo burning of Joseph's Tomb, omits the word "Jewish" and reads like it was a criticism of Israel! This is the kind of expert manipulation in which the LA Times invests huge resources. The LA Times has brought back Laura King, one its most reviled and extreme anti-Israel reporters. The best response to the LA Times is to call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your subscription and let us know at 10/19/15

Yahoo is Blatantly Promoting plo/bds:

Yahoo, one of the most pervasive sources of news on the Internet, is blatantly promoting the plo and their extreme bds anti-Israel boycott campaign. Though the Yahoo news feed an individual receives is tailored by the software, nevertheless, their anti-Israel extremism is evident when viewing Yahoo from different computers. Yahoo has descended to the outrageous level of presenting plo blogs as news! The extract below is a blatant example of promoting plo/bds. JtB condemns Yahoo and urges you to boycott Yahoo back by not posting any links to Yahoo features. 9/17/15

Obama Chooses Iran Over Israel:

Abandoning all his redline positions, and contrary to repeated public assertions that the US was prepared to walk away from a bad deal, Obama accepted a deal with Iran clearly on the basis that a terrible deal is better than no deal. The #irandeal allows Iran at least 24 days to hide evidence of its nuclear violations prior to inspections, relaxes restrictions on ballistic missiles, contains a little mentioned provision requiring the US to defend Iran's nuclear facilities from attack, ends sanctions, and frees up billions of dollars likely to be used by Iran to finance terror around the world and particularly on Israel's borders. The deal is paving the way to a nuclear armed Iran not preventing it. In his desperate efforts to sell this terrible deal, Secretary of State Kerry has descended to making threats against Israel. Israel is furious at this latest Obama betrayal. Friends of Israel worldwide are protesting this sellout to Iran with demonstrations and intense lobbying efforts. 7/27/15

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No nukes for Iran! Getting the message out in Westwood (above), photo JtB This follows last week's #StopIranRally in New York ( below), courtesy of Youtube.

HYPOCRISY of the Nations and Israel's Core Arguments:

With a new Government of Jewish Pride emerging, Israel is finally beginning to express arguments that represent the core values of the Jewish people. New Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely told the world Israel belongs to the Jewish people, all of it, and Prime Minister Netanyahu has started to more aggressively accuse the UN and its Nations of hypocrisy for their repeated singling out and condemnation of Israel's self-defense actions. The US, UK, and NATO allies, criticize and condemn Israel for bombing Hamas terrorists in Gaza while they hypocritically bomb Syria and Iraq, and hide civilian casualty numbers. While Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, Qatar, and other repressive regimes commit the worst civilian atrocities in their own countries they repeatedly condemn Israel for its domestic policies. What hypocrites they all are! None of the Nations can match Israel's record of sensitivity and compassion for the rights of others. It is a mark of progress that Israel is expressing core Jewish values in asserting its positions. The tired old secular arguments that Israel is a democracy, is pluralistic, and is gay-friendly, are utterly ineffective, do not express core Jewish values, and do not gain the respect of the Nations. The sooner Friends of Israel tap into core Jewish arguments the sooner we turn back the tide of anti-Jewish anti-Zionist racism in society. 7/6/15

Incendiary CEO Actions Ignite #BoycottOrange Firestorm:

Orange, a French Telecom Company, incurred the wrath of Friends of Israel when it announced last week it was pulling out of Israel. CEO, Stephane Richardson, had earlier told an Arab audience he was ready to "withdraw from Israel...tomorrow morning...but without exposing Orange to huge risks". The CEO's actions ignited a spontaneous worldwide #Boycottorange call on social media as Friends of Israel around the globe vented their seathing anger at the anti-Jewish anti-Israel racism being expressed too comfortably in too many European circles, and now manifest in Richardson. Billionaire Chaim Saban, who owns Orange's Israel partner company, talked about suing Orange, and in cooperation with Sheldon Adelson, pledged to fight extremist plo/bds Arab propaganda. Surprised by the intensity of the reaction, Richardson made a quick about turn, apologized for his remarks, and said the company was in Israel to stay. However the CEO's treachorous, duplictious, antisemitic actions will not be quickly overlooked. JtB calls on Friends of Israel worldwide to condemn Orange and support #Boycottorange on social media (below - getting the message to Orange on Twitter). 6/8/15

A typical tweet condemning the anti-Jewish racism of Orange's  CEO Stephane Richardson

A Government with Jewish Pride Emerges in Israel:

In what could be one of the most significant developments in the modern State of Israel since its foundation in 1948, signs of a Government of Jewish Pride are emerging. Israel's new Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely declared to the world Israel belongs to the Jewish people all of it. For reasons known only to Israelis, that statement of fact reflecting 3700 years of Jewish heritage in the Land has never been stated as an official position. It's more than about time it was! Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked is another who represents a new pride and self-confidence in the Jewish state. The emergence of Naftali Bennett, who is moulded in the spirit of Judean and Samarian politics, has been the catalyst in creating this new-found self-confidence (see picture below) though that revolution has a ways to go. Of course the antisemitic anti-Israel media does not take well to it like this hostile Sky News reporter during the last Gaza fighting. But more self-belief and assertion of positions more in tune with core Jewish values and the Zionist soul can only be a good thing, and augers well for Israel's future. 6/1/15

Obama's Betrayal of Israel:

Obama was always going to betray Israel. It was only a question of when where and how. Obama has been increasingly open and blatant in his hostility to Israel since he was elected. In the endless nuclear negotiations, during which Iran continues to develop nuclear capability, Obama has capitulated to Iran's demands, obtained no major concessions, and shown no concern for Iran's constant genocidal threats against Israel. Instead, he has come down hard on Israel while giving a free pass to the racist regime in Teheran. Even leaders among those foolish enough to support him have started distancing themselves from him. Obama the betrayer has led the US wildly off course and is out of touch with broad US support for Israel. 4/3/15

Fraudulent Journalism:

The NY Observer rips AP's Gaza coverage apart. AP would not cooperate

Fraudulent coverage of Israel is a regular feature of US and international journalism today. Some people still naively think whatever the media prints is true. How wrong! When it comes to reporting on Israel, the standard of honesty in journalism is at an all-time low and continues to drop. Witness the recent AP News article revisiting, yet again, Gaza casualties and again libeling Israel with falsehoods parroting what Hamas terrorists tell them. This article was ripped apart by the NY Observer (see their headline above) which noted that AP would not cooperate. The media's malicous bias is blatant hypocrisy too given their continued ignoring of civilian casualties from similar US bombing in Syria and Iraq, despite repeated calls to provide that data. Another recent story falsely reported Israel opened dams in the South to flood Gaza. Pure Arab propaganda, a ridiculous and outright lie picked up by AFP, an antisemitic anti-Israel international news gathering agency based in France, and the UK's Daily Mail newspaper, among others. Anyone with an elementary knowledge of Israeli geography knows that Israel's South is an arid desert. There are no dams anywhere near. AFP has yet to apologize for the libel in the same headline manner it published it. In the same vein, to add the term "Israel alleges" regarding Hamas firing rockets from civilian areas, when a reporter has actually witnessed it, and when there is overwhelming evidence it is true, is also a form of fraud. Fraudulent journalism is on the rise and anyone reading any media story negative toward Israel ought to immediately question its veracity and bias. Please help us fight back against the antisemitic anti-Israel media by following us on Twitter @jointheboycott and Like us on Facebook, and please join in our campaigns in support of Israel. 3/12/15

The media's hostility toward Israeli PM Netanyahu was particularly severe the week he delivered an address to a joint session of Congress (see video above). The extremist anti-Israel NY Times portrayed Netanyahu's speech as presenting Democrats with an 'Obama or Israel' choice which outraged many. Isn't Obama supposed to be for Israel? Call 1-800-698-4637 to cancel your anti-Israel NY Times. Increasingly the American public is realizing the truth of Obama's hostility toward Israel, which explains his close friendship with Rashid Kalidi who was a part of the plo and still is an anti-Israel fanatic, a friendship the corrupt anti-Israel LA Times did its best to hide. Call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your anti-Israel LA Times. BBC commentator Jeremy Bowen wrote an offensive blatantly anti-Jewish tweet "once again Netanyahu plays the Holocaust card", a remark the arrogant BBC denied was antisemitic rather than admit the obvious and apologize. 3/8/15

The Disgusting Hypocrisy of the US Media:

The US media has been blatantly and disgustingly anti-Israel and antisemitic for a generation, But its hypocrisy has reached new heights recently. The most blatant hypocrisy is illustrated in the two images below in screenshots from the internet's YahooNews, an aggregator of US media. When reporting US bombing of houses in Iraq, YahooNews featured an article boasting how many ISIS terrorist leaders US forces are killing. ISIS terrorists are the bad guys, and US forces are the good guys. But when commenting on Israel's similar war against Hamas terrorists in Gaza in 2014, Hamas terrorists are the victims, the good guys, and the war crimes they committed in firing rockets targeting Israeli civilians from populated areas of Gaza are ignored. Instead, YahooNews portrays Israel as the bad guys, the aggressor, and promotes outrageous and libelous suggestions of Israeli war crimes - for defending itself againt those Hamas rockets. It is a convenient way to divert negative attention from Obama. We must speak up against this. Please help us by following us on Twitter @jointheboycott and retweet this tweet1, and this tweet2, and/or Like us on Facebook, and please join in our campaigns in support of Israel. 2/18/15

In fact YahooNews, where many millions of Americans get their daily news, is putting out a continuous stream of virulently antisemitic, anti-Israel features often promoting an extremist's anti-Israel blog which the unwary would think is "news". One of the most blatant examples concerns the public execution by Hamas of over 30 civilians they accused of spying for Israel during the 2014 Gaza war. Despite international condemnation of Hamas' barbarism, YahooNews published an outrageous extremist's blog suggesting Israel carried out the executions (see below). It seems there is no anti-Israel blog too extreme for YahooNews to publish. Please join in refusing to publish any links to the antisemitic anti-Israel YahooNews in order to deny Yahoo the internet traffic it craves at your expense. 2/18/15

European Vulnerability Exposed by Massacres in France:

The cold blooded massacres in Paris at satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo and at a Kosher Market have exposed the vulnerability of Europe to Islamic terrorism. Europe has exhibited a seemingly inexhaustible penchant for playing down the dangers of radical Islamic extremism in its midst and ignoring anti-semitism. It explains the cavalier, insensitive, hypocritical "just give them what they want" attitude of Europeans to Israel's terrible pain and suffering from Arab terrorism. The reality in Europe is that an army of hostile, radicalized, and violent Arab and other Moslem youths are being given freedom to roam the continent via Turkey which is sympathetic towards the extremists. The European sense of immunity from terror has received a major schock following the bloody mayhem in France. 1/12/15

War with PLO Terrorists and Propagandists Intensifies:

PLO terrorists are continuing to commit inhumane atrocities against the Jewish people including the horrific slaying of 4 highly respected Rabbis during morning prayers at their Jerusalem Synagogue, with several others seriously injured. Jordan and other Arab states openly laud the crime. The so-called "civilized" western world reacts with a coldness reminiscent of the Holocaust era. PLO propaganda is getting noisier and uglier on campus, in schools, and ever more brazen in the media, while at the corrupt UN, PLO politicing is open and rampant. The LA Times latest journalistic atrocity is inventing the phrase "traditionally Arab East Jerusalem" which they keep repeating in an attempt to deny 3400 years of Jewish sovereignty in Jerusalem. The traditionally anti-semitic anti-Israel LA Times is one step from denying the Holocaust. Subscribers, please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your anti-Israel LA Times and let us know at - see Honor Roll. 1i/27/14

#BuildBibiBuild! A Desperate Need for More Housing in Israel:

Pressure from a growing population and artificially imposed limitations on building have led to a big rise in the cost of housing and the cost of living in Israel. There is a desperate need for new housing especially in Judea and Samaria, which is restricted, in badly misplaced deference to the racist hypocrites in the west. Israelis, already fed up of high prices, now have to compete with Jewish purchasers from abroad buying 'insurance' properties in Israel. Join the debate on twitter at #BuildBibiBuild. 10/20/14

Anti-Israel Media is Behind Increasing Anti-Jewish Racism:

The malevolent anti-Israel media, the NY Times, LA Times, CNN, BBC, AP, AFP, Reuters, TIME, NPR, and mainstream media, prominent within it, is behind increasing anti-Jewish racism in the US and around the world. A constant barrage of criticism of Israel is used by Islamic extremists to justify attacks on Jewish people, property, and interests wherever they find them, including Los Angeles. Anti-semitic media terminology such as "land grab" disrespects the Jewish people and should be condemned by all Israel advocates. If you still subscribe to the anti-Israel LA Times, print or online, you are contributing to the climate of increasing anti-Israel extremism and anti-semitism. Please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your anti-Israel LA Times and let us know at NY Times, Washington Post, TIME, NPR, subscribers are urged to do the same. Below: JtB's message gets noticed at an Israel Rally written up in the Jewish Journal. 9/4/14

Subscribers to Anti-Israel LA Times Owe Community an Apology:

It has been a month of nonstop Hamas propaganda from the LA Times. Massive coverage of Gaza civilian victims and Israeli soldiers, painting Israel as the aggressor. Hamas and other plo terrorists are protected, their war crimes, firing rockets at Israeli civilians and using their own residents as human shields, unstated and tacitly approved. But as soon as Israel moved into Gaza to defend itself, war crime allegations are hurled at it repeatedly. Exaggerated hamas casualty claims are stated as fact, Israeli facts are reduced to "Israel says" allegations. Daily Israeli suffering is ignored or reduced to a footnote. This is the extremist anti-Israel anti-Jewish racist LA Times and the complicity of the anti-Israel media in hamas war crimes. If you still subscribe to this paper, print or online, you owe the Community an apology because you are contributing to the climate of increasing anti-Israel extremism and anti-semitism. Please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your anti-Israel LA Times and let us know at NY Times, Washington Post, TIME, NPR, subscribers are urged to do the same. 8/8/14

Gaza - An Anti-Israel Media Hatchet Job:

Israel's campaign to rid Gaza of plo terrorists is proceeding slowly at painful cost, with now more than 60 soldiers and 3 civilians killed, Z"L, and many others wounded. The barrage of rockets continues with the anti-Israel media refusing to call them WAR CRIMES while the despicable LA Times aims such allegations repeatedly at Israel for defending itself. They continue to ignore Israel's terrorized and traumatized southern cities. The media is protecting the terrorists, reporting their exaggerated, unverified casualty claims as facts and ignoring their misfires, while reporting their human shields tactics, firing from schools and hospitals, as "Israel says", purposely reducing easily verified facts to mere allegations. The tragedy in Gaza is entirely the plo terrorists' responsibility. The UN is also complicit in plo terrorism, and Obama is turning into the betrayer all true Friends of Israel knew he was, pressuring Israel to stop while more terrorist tunnels remain to be found and destroyed. Please call 1-800-252-9141 to cancel your extremist anti-Israel LA Times, or cancel your NY Times, Washington Post, TIME, NPR, etc. and let us know at Please tweet condemnation of media and UN complicity in plo war crimes under hashtag #plowarcrimes. Please also Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. Thank you for your support (picture below: JtB protests the anti-Israel media outside CBS Studios in Los Angeles. Contact for further details). 8/3/14

#BoycottTheMet Anti-Jewish Racism An Art Form at The Met:

This October, New York's Met Opera will host a remake of "The Death of Klinghoffer", an anti-Israel anti-Jewish racist abomination of the story of Leon Klinghoffer Z"L, brutally murdered by plo terrorists aboard the Achille Lauro cruise ship in the Mediterranean in 1985. Klinghoffer was a 69 year old man in a wheelchair whom the terrorists shot and killed and then threw into the sea. The very title "Death" is a lie. He was murdered in cold blood. The essence of the opera is glorification and sympathy for the terrorists and slander of the Jewish people. Klinghoffer's daughters are outraged and that anger is spreading. We urge you to boycott The Met and show your support with a Like on our BoycottTheMet Facebook page. You can also protest directly to The Met with a comment here or write to Peter Gelb, Manager at The Met at and/or call (212) 799-3100. UPDATE: the Met has cancelled the simulcast but the live performances remain. 6/19/14

Israel Hater Emma Thompson's Love Punch Gone in Under 2 Weeks!:

Anti-Israel extremist Emma Thompson's latest movie The Love Punch has disappeared from screens in under 2 weeks (see below)! The movie is a major flop. According to Box Office Mojo, as of June 5 (after a week and a half) the movie had made a paltry $242,200. The movie was not helped by JtB's protest which featured alongside the stars on the movie's Twitter feed at #thelovepunch (see below). Thank you for your support of this action and please continue to tweet messages of support for boycotting Israel hater Emma Thompson under the hashtags #thelovepunch and #NoEmmaT. You can also support this and JtB's other protet actions with a Like on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. Remember: we can boycott the Israel haters better than they can boycott us. 6/9/14

Boycott Israel hater emma thompson and the Love Punch

Boycott Israel hater emma thompson and the Love Punch

Please post your support of this boycott on Facebook and Twitter, etc.

#NoEmmaT Boycott Haters of Israel Like Emma Thompson:

Emma Thompson is an Israel hater. She is an anti-Israel extremist who advocates for a boycott of Israeli theatre. JtB boycotts the haters of Israel back: anti-Israel media like NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, CNN, TIME; performers like Roger Waters, Annie Lennox, Elvis Costello, Carlos Santana, Bon Jovi; and actresses like Emma Thompson. We urge you to boycott all Emma Thompson's movies including her recent Saving Mr. Banks and her latest movie The Love Punch. Please tweet messages of support for boycotting Emma Thompson under the hashtags #thelovepunch and #NoEmmaT. You can support this JtB protet with a Like on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. Remember: we can boycott the Israel haters better than they can boycott us. Thank you for your support. 5/26/14

Boycott Israel hater emma thompson and The Love Punch

Please post your support of this boycott on Facebook and Twitter, etc.

#YesScarJo Scarlett Johansson Stands Up to the Israel Haters:

Scarlett Johansson is the latest top Hollywood star to reject the anti-Israel extremism of BDS. The Israel haters have been trying to get Johansson to stop appearing in ads for the company Sodastream (see video below) which has a factory in Judea and Samaria. Most recently, BDS has been trying to get anti-Israel "charity" Oxfam to drop Johansson as an ambassador. Instead Johansson has ditched Oxfam for its anti-Israel politicing and extremism and has expressed support for Israel and Sodastream. Well done Scarlett. We're proud of you. Please tweet messages of support for her under the hashtag #YesScarJo and Like the Facebook page supporting her. The viciousness of BDS hatred of Israel and its bullying tactics reflect its origins in the PLO and is an indicator of the depth of racist anti-Jewish animus motivating its members. Kudos to the many other top artists who have rejected BDS extremism, among them Madonna, Alicia Keys, Sir Elton John, Justin Bieber, Pet Shop Boys, Alanis Morissette, etc. 2/1/14

Join the Boycott is Now on Facebook!

Join the Boycott has opened a page on Facebook! Please visit us and like our page here. You can also folow us on Twitter here. Thanks. 1/31/14

26 Years of Non-Stop LA Times Anti-Israel Propaganda:

Nothing changed but the date for the anti-Israel LA Times. The boycott of the paper started in January 1988 (see headline below) and it continues to this day. During that time circulation of the paper has shrunk dramatically but it continues to gain online. We urge you to boycott all manifestations of the paper, website, links, book fair, etc. Remaining subscribers, please call 1-800-252-9141 and cancel your extremist anti-Israel LA Times and let us know at - see Honor Roll. 1/29/14

Sharon's Passing in an Anti-Israel Media Age:

Israel mourns the passing of Ariel Sharon Z"L, founding father, and architect of its most significant military successes climaxing in the triumphant surrounding and cutting off of the Egyptian army in 1973. To the anti-Israel media it has been an oppportunity to republish all the tired old slanders and distortions of his record. Although beloved by a majority of Israelis for his lifetime contribution to Israel's security, he inexplicably turned on his strongest allies in 2005 by forcibly evacuating Israeli residents from Gaza and Northern Samaria. As so many then predicted, it led inevitably to the current PLO terror state in Gaza firing rockets at Israel and, in a bitter irony, even at Sharon's funeral. Ariel Sharon passed into history a great and courageous General, a supreme patriot, but flawed. A man who late on thought to turn his special bravery to the task of peacemaking but instead turned it to self-destruction. But judged on the entirety of his record, Ariel Sharon's legacy will be immense and inspiring. 1/16/14

Capitulations Only Bring More Pressure:

It has been a difficult year for Israel. Under heavy pressure from Obama, and more recently from the EU, Israel has made a series of high profile capitulations. The Obama-forced apology to Turkey, the nonsensical PLO murderer release, the bending to EU's economic blackmail on "settlement guidelines". Israel has not even earned itself a minimal return such as the release of Pollard (see video below). These unwise one-sided concessions have only brought more pressure on Israel including a wave of academic boycotts and ever-intensifying PLO incitement and media bias. In 1967 the US, Europe, and the UN made a commitment to Israel under UN Resolution 242 guaranteeing it "secure and recognized boundaries", not restricting it to 1967 lines as the anti-Israel Obama has wrongly insisted. To retain Jewish sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, the heart of Israel, will require taking a stand. The sooner Israel realises that the beter. 12/30/13

Iran Gets to Fool the World a Second Time:

Obama's moslem sympathies and his weakness in foreign policy made him the worst possible president to get tough with Iran. Iran is on the verge of developing a nuclear bomb within weeks. Obama and the West have caved in to Iran's demand to continue enriching uranium while relieving the sanctions pressure which had been increasingly effective in bringing it to the negotiating table. In their haste to pander to Iran's charm offensive, the anti-Israel media and the political hypocrites of the West were silent over leader Khameini's latest racist attacks on Israel. Kerry is left insisting to an angry Israel that it is "safer" while Israeli ministers are united in codemning the sanctions relief for next to nothing in return. Iran fooled the world with its nuclear pledge in 2003 and now it gets to do it again. 11/25/13

Boycott CSUN Until It Stops Promoting Boycott of Israel:

The Administration at CSU Northridge, led by its President Dianne Harrison, is promoting an extremist anti-Israel anti-semitic boycott of Israel from a "Boycott Israel Resource Page" on the CSUN website (see below). The source of the page is Professor Klein a man with apparently extremist anti-Israel views. For the last several years the brave leaders of a group called AMCHA have been battling anti-Israel anti-semitic extremism on California campuses. AMCHA has fought to have Klein's webpage removed but they have run into a wall of stubborness and obstruction from Harrison. CSUN recently admitted Klein's page was posted without their permission but are still refusing to remove it. Please write to Harrison at to demand CSUN remove Klein's webpage and CC us at - see example. We also urge alumni and other donors to boycott CSUN and withhold donations until CSUN stops promoting the boycott of Israel. 10/15/13

Boycott All Links to Anti-Israel Media:

The anti-Israel media are desperate to get you to follow them online. The NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine, CNN, etc. now earn considerable income from companies that advertise on their websites. Every time you visit their website or click on a link to their website you are helping contribute to those ad revenues. Refuse to click or send out any link to anti-Israel media. Join the Boycott of the anti-Israel media- see Honor Roll. If you would like to join our email list please write to and put SUBSCRIBE in the subject line and tell us in one sentence or two (literally) why you support Israel. 10/8/13

Anti-Israel LA Times Posting More Content Online:

The gathering and presenting of news has changed dramatically over the last decade. Today, the primary source of news for most Americans and the world is online. The LA Times is typical. Most of its articles on Israel are now posted online, and many do not even appear in print. The commercial imperative in this digital revolution is website advertising. Each time you click on a
link to a LA Times online article you help generate ad revenues for the paper. The boycott of the anti-Israel LA Times therefore extends to their website meaning boycotters should avoid clicking on links that indicate the source is the LA Times. Occasionally links are disguised and you may find you arrived at the LA Times by accident. We recommend you close the window and be cautious in the future about clicking on links from the same source. Newspapers also earn revenue by charging a digital subscription for their content. We urge you not to subscribe and to urge your friends who have purchased digital subscriptions to cancel - see Honor Roll. LAT snapshot 10/7/13

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